Otherspace by David Stahler Jr

Posted: October 27, 2009 in Adventure, good and evil, Science Fiction

Book three of the Truesight Trilogy delivers. Definitely a “Guys Read” book that can rest of on a young man’s reading shelf along with “The Vampire’s Apprentice,” “The Ender Wiggins,” “The Ranger’s Apprentice,” “Alex Rider,” Matt Cruse, and “Mortal Engines” series. Jacob faces danger from the Foundation who see him and all seers as things that need to be destroyed. A young boy in his visions urges him to join other seers at a secret location in the otherspace through wormholes. Xander hires a Hans Solo-type, Captain Bennett, to ferry Jason to his new life on his smuggler ship. Jason’s adventures multiple throughout the trip, and spin out of control to a dramatic climax. I admit, I am hoping for a fourth installment.

ENDERS Rating: Exciting, inventive!


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