Stephenie Meyer by BlueWater Comics, of the "Female Force" series

Posted: November 24, 2009 in biographies, graphic novels, vampires

Luckily I tuned in the AM Northwest out of Portland, Oregon to see Darren G. Davis of Bluewater Comics talk about his “Female Force” comic series of notable women in politics, writing and whatever comes next….entertainment? science? sports? The possibilities are endless!

How could I pass up a bio on Stephenie Meyer, our fave author of the Twilight Saga? This graphic novel is narrated by a grateful vampire who tells her story from a macabre chamber that has an old tome of her life, and chubby spiders for reading snacks. I loved the vampire’s book morphing into the comic frames of her life, and the vampire narrator chortling, “Years of going hungry and now they love us!”. The history of Forks, after the bio, was drawn in sepia hues and told in a “historic comic” style. Great cover art. Stephenie has to be pleased. The only page I didn’t like was the wolf/Forks page dividing the bio from the history. But that was a small blip in a fun Female Force comic.

ENDERS’ Rating: Already sold out…what more can I say?

Bluewater Comics Website

  1. Suzanne says:

    I'm so glad you reviewed this! I was wondering if all the hype about these comics was going to really live up to the actual product! I'm so happy it did! And I really enjoyed your review on it! I guess I'll have to see about getting a copy for myself- and taking a look at the other women in the series!

  2. Joan says:

    I am getting used to the comic genre. It is good to expand my views. Joan

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