raven summer by David Almond

Posted: February 22, 2010 in Families, fate, foundlings, good and evil

A raven leads friend Liam and Max to the ruins of Rook Hall, an ancient fortification built to withstand raiders of the north. There on broken stones they find a baby with a note pinned to her blanket: “Plese look after her rite. This is a childe of God.”

Liam’s writer dad cannot believe their raven story, but that changes. So does everything else. Liam’s boyhood mate, Nattrass, has mutated into a sociopath whose fascination with the macabre casts malice and fear. He is not the only dark character. When placing the foundling, Crystal and Oliver are introduced. The lives of these teens intertwine in a suspenseful finale when all of them have to “face the man in the mirror.” Haunting story, fascinating, scary, “Lord of the Flies”-ish.

ENDERS’ Rating: Eerie and enticing

David Almond’s Website

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