The Snow Ball Effect by Holly Nicole Hoxter

Posted: July 6, 2010 in boyfriends, Families, mothers, sisters, suicide

I totally misread this title. I think the photograph chosen for the cover is to blame. It can’t be me, right?

The Snow Ball Effect
comes from advice Lainey receives from a new guy in her life when he compares the first taste of an amazing new snow ball flavor to understanding that an experience may not be the same the next time it comes up, just like the amazing new snow ball flavor will not be as, well, amazing the second time. It works for the situation in the book.

As the novel begins Lainey is told of her mother’s death. She wonders what to do with her handicapped little brother when her older sister appears to be his guardian. Taking care of Collin is quite the challenge. Lainey’s ever-attentive and doormat boyfriend, Riley, worked magic with him. But the Slurpee guy, Eric, ends up having a serendipitous connection to her mother. The sibs’ crazy trip to Disney World and the repercussions were a bonding experience. Holly seamlessly presented a serious story woven with pathos, humor, excitement and nostalgia. Young adults will love this book. I hope she writes another book soon.

ENDERS’ Rating: ****

Holly Nicole Hoxter’s Website


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