The Dark Deeps by Arthur Slade

Posted: October 23, 2010 in Adventure, steampuck, supernatural, suspense stories

I threw on my steampuck jewelry, made some cocoa, and curled up to enjoy the escapades of Modo and Olivia in the second “Hunchback Assignments” novel. Modo discovers immediately that he has more to fret over than his infatuation for Olivia. Barely done licking their wounds from the Clockwork Guide’s destruction of life and property in London, Mr. Socrates whisks them both off to New York to solve a mystery about sinking ships. On the steamship they payola the captain to sail to specific coordinates south of Iceland. An unfortunate decision, considering that immediately the ship is rammed and…well, you really do not want to know the rest do you? I enjoyed the new characters in this novel, the passionate captain Monturol and her loyal second. Of course the evil Miss Hakkandottir shows up again as well as another love interest for Modo. The question is, can Modo keep his face straight long enough for these young ladies? This H.G. Wells-ish romp was exciting from beginning to end. There were so many clever “under the sea” surprises that I already have the cocoa ready for the third novel.

(Arthur looks rather ghoulish on his website. I like seeing an artist’s interpretation of Miss H on the ca cover).

ENDERS’ Rating: *****

Arthur Slade’s website


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