The Scorch Trials by John Dashner

Posted: December 27, 2010 in dystopia, survival

This is the sequel to The Maze Runner, so will be an unintentional spoiler if you do not read it first.

In The Scorch Trials the survivors of the Maze, relishing their rescue, discover after their first night in the dorm that Cranks are just outside trying to attack them, their rescuers have been murdered and they are locked up without food. So much for being “saved.”

It starts again. Only this time they are infected with the Flare that turns humans into living zombies before their death. The new test is to make it through The Scorch (earth’s most devastated ring of destruction) in two weeks and to receive the cure. There’s motivation!

The boys discover that there have been two maze groups, with similar experiences and outcomes, except Group B is all girls who are eager to capture and kill Thomas. The tension never lets up in The Scorch Trials, so watch The Sound of Music or Thoroughly Modern Millie before and after reading it.

Oh, book three is coming.

ENDERS’ Rating: ***

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