As Easy as Falling Off the Face of the Earth by Lynne Rae Perkins

Posted: January 2, 2011 in Adventure, coming of age, Humorous stories, summer

I obsessed about missing trains while in Europe, but Ry really does miss his during a 45-minute (not!) stop on the way to a camp in Montana. If not bad enough, he opens the urgent letter from the camp, sent a few week before, en route to discover that he is on the way to a canceled camp! Catching up with the train is impossible, cell phone reception is nil, and his backpack with all his earthly possessions, sans his wallet and cell, is on the train. He follows signs to a small Montana town where a local mechanic, Del, senses that this is a good kid in trouble. The story swtches to Lloyd, Ry’s grandfather, who is house-sitting while Ry and his parents are gone, taking Ry’s dogs on a walk and stepping onto unstable ground that becomes a sink hole. He is not answering Ry or Ry’s parents calls. The dogs are having their own adventure that is depicted in graphic novel format, tossed into the novel like captivating chocolate kisses. Del is a fixer. He is going to fix Ry’s problem by driving him across country to his home in Wisconsin. That is the start of an improbable quest to find Ry’s parents on a small Caribbean island where they also have had amply doses of bad, bad luck. Humor, pathos, quirkiness, this book has it all with lots of good read aloud sections. So abandon any skepticism about so much bad luck and enjoy!

ENDERS’ Rating: ****


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