Radiant Shadows by melissa marr

Posted: February 27, 2011 in Fantasy, good and evil, love stories, series

This is indeed a “Wicked Lovely” book, fourth in the series. I must admit that it is the first one I have read, and that crippled my reading for the first few chapters. Once I allowed myself entry into this fantastical world, I was hooked. This novel spotlights Ani, hound daughter of Gabriel, and a halfling who is becoming more and more fey all the time. I was confused as to her age, as at the beginning of the story she appears to be a tween, the she suddenly is passionately involved with Devlin, who has been instructed to kill her. But Devlin is smitten and decides to protect Ani instead. Marr fans know that the cast of characters consist of some nasty scary-fairies, Sorcha and Bananach. The latter is never satisfied unless there is war in the worlds, and she is out to create the biggest in this novel. I would love to sketch her. What fairy’s wings drip with blood? How is that for a visual? Ani becomes a strong female lead and with Devlin the “Bloodied Hands” of the fey, saves the fairy world and all its inhabitants from vaporizing from the lack of opposition balance between the queens. Devlin and Ani (with Rea inside of Ani) become the new king and queen to restore balance to the kingdom. There are lots of avenues for the plot of Darkest Mercy released spring of 2011. The Devlin/Ani/Rae triangle will be interesting to see played out as well as the outcome of the new power structures. And what will Bananach do to those humans?

ENDERS’ Rating: ****

melissa marr’s website

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