Chime by Frannie Billingsley

Posted: March 6, 2012 in fantasy. supernatural, Horror Stories, love stories

For those who think there is no creativity any more in fantasy writing, read Chime! For those who think that young adult lit has no meat, read Chime! For those who think there are no more deliciously creepy stories, read Chime!

Biony is a beautiful teenager who blames herself for the death of her wonderful stepmother, the condition of her twin sister Rose and the fire that destroyed all her stories in the library. When lion-maned Eldric becomes a boarder at her home, she slowly begins to discover herself, the Old Ones in the swamp, and other unsettling revelations.

Rose’s outbursts and commentaries made me laugh out loud. Biony’s musings were innocent, complex, amazing. Here is a sample: “Slicing yourself is harder than you’d think. Your skin doesn’t slice, not like bread or cheese. Your flesh pushes back. It’s resilient, like the skin of a mushroom.”

The swamp was creepy and mesmerizing. I may never walk on a boardwalk at the beach wetlands again. But at least the beach will not give me a deadly cough…

This is no book to rush through. You need to take a bite and chew sixty times. Be prepared for each bite to have another literary flavor.

ENDERS’ Rating: ***** Franny’s Website


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