Balthazar by Claudia Gray

Posted: June 10, 2012 in brothers and sisters, fantasy. supernatural, good and evil, vampires

Product Details I am a fan of Claudia Gray, and snatch up her books whenever they arrive at my review group!

With Bianca becoming a wraith and Lucas a vampire, Claudia Gray turns her attention to Balthazar’s story.  After the destruction of Evernight Academy during the horrific vampire war, a mortal student, Skye, returns home, and to her former high school.  Since she rescued Bianca at Evernight, Skye possesses the psychic  power of seeing the moment of death of persons at any location she enters.  Even as a child, she could already see and communicate with ghosts, the reason she was allows to enroll at Evernight.   Baltazar comes to help her with her new power, unknowingly subjecting Skye to the demonic obsessions of the one who killed him, the vampire, Redgrave.  In flashbacks, their lives and the life of Balthazar’s unstable sister-vampire, Charity, intertwine throughout four centuries of history.  Balthazar poses as a substitute teacher and enriched the class with his own Colonial American experiences.  There was a nice little rant about using primary sources rather than textbooks, which made me chuckle.  After a bloody accident in the snow, vampires, good and evil, discover drops of magical blood and seek the source:  Skye.  The cat and mouse game begins to possess Skye. This novel has “series’ written all over it, but there are not any clues  about more books on Balthy and Skye on Claudia’s website.  I would love to follow this story line more.  Having read all her books, I have to admit that they are entertaining reads, with unique vampires.

(Click on Claudia’s photograph to link to her website.  She does review  movies on her blog like Snow White and the Huntsman.  Can you believe she had never read or seen the Twilight Saga)?Image of Claudia Gray

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