Sinner by Maggie Stiefvater

Posted: October 17, 2014 in drug rehabilitation, music, reality tv, Romance, wolves
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Can a wolf man find happiness in Los Angeles, at least Isabelle?

Cole St. Clair, sexy bad boy and sometimes wolf, returns to L.A. after learning to control his metamorphoses. He was hired to star in a reality television series that preys on the statistical probability of the stars crashing and burning into whatever vices that feed the blogosphere of the entertainment world. But he is also in pursuit of Isabelle, the ice princess who knows his secret, whom he loves. Cole faces ghosts of bad behavior past seemingly everywhere he goes in L.A. The good news, is that he learns to manipulate the reality crew quite expertly and successfully produces some great moments. Unfortunately, those did not contribute to the crash and burn goals of the executives. Not that Cole did not have horrible experiences, but he turned to wolfdom rather than drugs to deal with stress. His pursuit of Isabelle was mutual, with quite sensuous scenes in bathtubs and elsewhere. Maggie successfully illustrates the agonies of someone attempting to eradicate the addictions of their past,, and the possible triumph that anyone can have if they plow through the nastiness of people who doubt they can change. By far this is the best of the Shiver-related novels: great philosophical questions, wonderful characterization and believable plot and outcome.maggie_cute  This is a stand-alone novel and Maggie says that it is the last time that she will visit the world of wolves.


 Maggie’s Website


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