Iris Brave by Ali B.

Posted: October 22, 2014 in advanture, Science Fiction
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Let’s be real.  Don’t we all have to love a book by an author named Alibi, er, Ali B.?  I need more information!

Iris mourns the death of a father whom she cannot remember, but about whom her mother and Grandpa Hank weave memorable stories about his love of people.  His reputation was tainted and his life ended when a young driver, Kyle Grant, caused an accident that also takes his life.  As the story unfolds Iris is traveling to spend the summer with Grandpa Hank who always has a smile and a song on his lips.  This summer is disturbingly different.  A slouching guy in a gray hoodie bothers her parents’ friend Sarah, who gives Iris a flimsy story about him wanting to sell her online services.  He crops up wherever Iris goes.  He leaves notes with her name.  Finally Iris can take it no more and agrees to meet him.  The motivation:  knowledge to clear her father of driving drunk the night of the wreck, and to stop the book publishing of the senator who just happens to be Kyle Grant’s father.  Iris, age eleven, is a pretty brave girl, taking it upon herself to solve the bizarre mysteries.  She has no idea what she is getting into.  Iris Brave is an excellent fantasy for middle readers.  Oh, I  must confess.  It is a page turner.  The second in the series, The Sixteen, will be reviewed next week.ali b  Ali B’s Facebook Pageiris brave


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