Once Upon an Alphabet: Short Stories for All the Letters by Oliver Jeffers

Posted: September 11, 2015 in General Fiction

once alphabet“A is for …” has died. Oliver Jeffers has created a entertaining style of wacky alphabet books that honors the humor and intelligence of children! Twenty-six stories are inspired by letters rather than being soundly beaten into submission by them. My interest level rating shows my enjoyment level and desire to share with my grandchildren who have amazingly raucous senses of humor. Consider the story of Edmund the Astronaut who wishes to meet aliens during his adventure. There is only one little problem: Edmund is afraid of heights. Cup was sick of living in a cupboard and wanted to live by the window where there was a clear view. He went for it, forgetting that the cupboard was very high and concrete very hard. Out in the ocean octopus and owl search for problems to solve, responding to cries for help on other alphabet pages. Edmund needs help. Why didn’t they help him? A particular parsnip is rather daft, sure that he is a potato and even ids a peanut as a parsnip. And if that is not bad enough, question has disappeared. Read it. Enjoy it. Buy it. Give it.  Rated all the stars that shine on the sea.oliverjeffers

Jeffers Website


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