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April returns home to find her apartment ransacked.

Her spirit could not get much lower as the probable love of her life died just a week before.  Interestingly her mail was not disturbed by the vandals, but it was just as disturbing as Peter’s death.  In the pile was a manila envelop from him, postmarked the day before his death.  Inside was the mysterious ring of Remaliha, with a note urging her to trust no one, not even authorities.  With the state of her apartment: note that.

Both Egyptologists, she and Peter shared love and respect for antiquities which had grown into love for each other.  As teaching summer school drew to a close at Columbia, April was approached by a suave Nathan Hayes to accompany him on an assignment to Luxor to pursue the ring with anachronistic hieroglyphs on the band…her ring!  Despite her better judgment and harassing phone calls, she decided to go on the adventure, all funded by Hayes’ client.  In a series of desperate situations, April doggedly pursues the mystery of the ring.  As the chase comes to a conclusion, roles twist and turn, and the ring rollicks through the desert with all the characters in tow.  If you are looking for a tense mystery read, this is it!  It is a page-turner, easy to imagine on the big screen.



Hiaassen fans, enjoy this new romp through Florida with Malley, who runs away with a disreputable older DJ to avoid being shipped off to boarding school.  Yep, rational thinking pill needed!  Her cousin Richard knows that running off with a guy she met on the Internet spells trouble and gallops off to rescue her. He is aided with a vagrant, Skink, whose apparent claim to fame is burying himself as a decoy turtle nest to capture turtle egg poachers.  (You can tell his nest hill.  It is the one with the breathing straw).  Richard made the acquaintance with Skink inadvertently pulling out the straw. Skink, incidentally, is a former governor of Florida and has amazingly straight and white teeth for a tramp.  Before Richard knows it, Skink has joined and commandeered the rescue effort, and elevating the quest to hysterical proportions. Another laugh out loud reading encounter with a zany Hiaasen character while presenting the serious contemporary issue of internet stalking and runaways.skink

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Iris impulsively trusted complete strangers at the end of Iris Brave and was sneaked into the safe house of The Sixteen, sixteen soul jumpers who rebelled against the tyranny of the powerful soul jumper Council.  A plan is devised to deliver her to The Council, have her jailed in “the tunnel”, and to help Jared spring her dad from the prison.  The plot becomes dark quickly, to the point that Iris and her father are tortured.  Why Iris?  It seems that she has the soul jumper genes also.  In a daring escape, things do not go well.  Iris and Lewis, a man with a six-year-old mind, end up in the middle of a horrible freeway accident.  Her life is forever changed.  I was shocked at the intensity of the tension and severity of the brutality.  I was happily surprised by the twists and turns in the plot and the pace of the narrative.  My guesses as to what was next could not keep up with the inventiveness of Ali.  Awesome second novel in the series.  I am looking forward to the third.  I also recommend the book for upward to tenth grade level.  The only reservtion is that Iris is only eleven years old.  It is unfortunate that some teen readers will reject reading it due to the age of the protagonist.

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      the sixteen

It has been four years since The Maze Runner was published, and to this day, all 12 of  my library’s copies are checked out with “holds” on the book.  The two sequels, The Scorch Trials and The Death Cure, are going home with students who will be buying antacids at the local  stores.  Such tension-filled books!  There is no relief in the prequel to the trilogy.

Sun flares have scorched the earth and melted people.  Our teen hero and heroine, Mark and Trina, are surviving as best they can.  They join forces with a no-nonsense military man, Alec, who saves their hides so many times that they will never pay him back.  There are horrors everywhere in New York City, and they finally find a way to escape to the Appalacian Mountains hoping that the countryside is cooler and calmer.  Instead they land in the middle of the kill order that makes no sense, and that goes extremely wrong, which you will understand upon reading.

If you want a fluffy read, John Dashner is not your author and this book will not be your pleasure.  If you can handle dystopian dysfunction, mayhem and disease, read on!  It is riveting.

The Invaders by John Flanagan

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The Invaders (Brotherband Chronicles, #2)Do we love the lads of Skandia?  Yes we do!  In this second novel of “Brotherband Chronicles” Hal and the brotherhood of the Herons are on his small and sleek and fast ship to track down the nasty, evil Zavac and his pirate ship in order to recover the Andomal and the Herons’ honor.  Grounded during a long and violent winter storm, crusty Thorn whips the young men into fighting machines while Hal invents another gizmo to help in their battle, the deadly “Mangler.”  Can they find the pirates?  Is it possible that the Andomal can be rescued?  Will they restore their honor?  Readers will enjoy this rollicking adventure while finding out.

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A Web of Air is the second book in the Fever Crumb series, a prequel series to the “Hungry City Chronicles.”  Owning all of them are mandatory for middle school and high school libraries.  What other fantasies have ravenous, power hungry, moving cities?  That rocks on so many levels.  After the conquest of London, Fever travels with a very irrational theater troupe to Mayda in Europa.  Her engineering skills have helped them with producing electricity for night shows, but she sees them as frivolous and asks to stay in the fascinating city and join them later on their return.  I loved the funicular houses that Reeve must have invented after riding the funiculars of Paris, (just a theory).  Fever searches out the young genius recluse who is trying to construct a flying machine like in the ancient days.  An array of bad guys try to stop him, to the point of assassination.  He and Fever escape to his ancestral island home with the help of the strange albatross-type “talking” birds.  As the enemies close in it appears hope is lost for both of them and the dream of flight.  It was an enjoyable story and it shows the lust for power can stop any advancements.

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Have I mentioned that Lauren is one of my fave authors?  And how does she speed-write?  But on to the book YOU. MUST. READ.

Lena finds herself moving toward revolution with the other citizens of the wilds, infiltrating and sabotaging.  Meeting the underground people who were the rejects of those above was a moving part of the novel.  I kept thinking there was something else brewing as Lena begins her relationship with Julian.  The surprise ending was ruthless and miraculous at the same time.  I found it incredulous that someone could survive the onslaught of  Delirium.  This was a bridge novel and I cannot wait for the next.  I do have one question:  Is the Northeast USA covered with succulent flowers as depicted on the cover?

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“The Ascendance Trilogy” Book One is a winner!  A disgruntled baron of a faraway land is plotting an ingenious coup.  He is gathering four orphan boys, training them, choosing the best, and killing the rest, to impersonate the king and queen’s missing son.  Sage, our narrator and witty protagonist, is one of the orphans, with the cheek of Disney’s Aladdin.  He is also extremely disinterested, even bored with the baron’s tutelage.  But the three surviving boys keep training, some driven with malice and ambition. A warring baron attacks the training castle, knowing that something is afoot.   The story heats up as they all arrive at the castle to reveal that the long lost son is alive!  As good as the Ranger’s Apprentice series, and cannot wait for Book Two!

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Stephen, his dad and grandpa live as scavengers in a devastated America is scourged by a vicious virus that wipes out the vast majority of the population. They roam the country finding materials to trade in
order to live. His mother has died, and now he and his father just buried his grandpa, a ruthless man whose abuse lives beyond the grave. After attempting to save a woman and her child from slavers, his father is in a coma and Stephen has to trust the people of Settler’s Landing, a secret and enclosed community of survivors who live in deserted mansions surrounding a resort. Jenny, a Chinese and adopted daughter of the village healer, along with Stephen, strategize a prank that precipitates a war with a nearby enclosed community, with a dash of slavers mixed in. The reader will not be able to predict the ending, but can try.  I did find it refreshing that there were no zombies or teen lotteries in this apocalyptic adventure story.  It would make an interesting pairing with Sir Terry Prachett’s Nation.  This is a debut novel.

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Modo and Octavia reunite with Dr Socrates to discover the Face God hidden in an Egyptian temple is Australia. Many have died or become insane on this quest. Pursued by the bionic Miss Hakkandottir, Modo falls into the jungle of Australia during a horrific sky airship battle. Miraculously he lands more or less safely and encounters a jungle tribe who are entranced by him. More than that, they view him as a god. When the team is reunited, they discover that their enemies have arrived at the temple before them. Who will possess the Face God? Who will fall to the traps of the temple? Fans will be thrilled to read this third adventure.
ENDERS’ Rating: ****
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