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It has been four years since The Maze Runner was published, and to this day, all 12 of  my library’s copies are checked out with “holds” on the book.  The two sequels, The Scorch Trials and The Death Cure, are going home with students who will be buying antacids at the local  stores.  Such tension-filled books!  There is no relief in the prequel to the trilogy.

Sun flares have scorched the earth and melted people.  Our teen hero and heroine, Mark and Trina, are surviving as best they can.  They join forces with a no-nonsense military man, Alec, who saves their hides so many times that they will never pay him back.  There are horrors everywhere in New York City, and they finally find a way to escape to the Appalacian Mountains hoping that the countryside is cooler and calmer.  Instead they land in the middle of the kill order that makes no sense, and that goes extremely wrong, which you will understand upon reading.

If you want a fluffy read, John Dashner is not your author and this book will not be your pleasure.  If you can handle dystopian dysfunction, mayhem and disease, read on!  It is riveting.


Have I mentioned that Lauren is one of my fave authors?  And how does she speed-write?  But on to the book YOU. MUST. READ.

Lena finds herself moving toward revolution with the other citizens of the wilds, infiltrating and sabotaging.  Meeting the underground people who were the rejects of those above was a moving part of the novel.  I kept thinking there was something else brewing as Lena begins her relationship with Julian.  The surprise ending was ruthless and miraculous at the same time.  I found it incredulous that someone could survive the onslaught of  Delirium.  This was a bridge novel and I cannot wait for the next.  I do have one question:  Is the Northeast USA covered with succulent flowers as depicted on the cover?

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Stephen, his dad and grandpa live as scavengers in a devastated America is scourged by a vicious virus that wipes out the vast majority of the population. They roam the country finding materials to trade in
order to live. His mother has died, and now he and his father just buried his grandpa, a ruthless man whose abuse lives beyond the grave. After attempting to save a woman and her child from slavers, his father is in a coma and Stephen has to trust the people of Settler’s Landing, a secret and enclosed community of survivors who live in deserted mansions surrounding a resort. Jenny, a Chinese and adopted daughter of the village healer, along with Stephen, strategize a prank that precipitates a war with a nearby enclosed community, with a dash of slavers mixed in. The reader will not be able to predict the ending, but can try.  I did find it refreshing that there were no zombies or teen lotteries in this apocalyptic adventure story.  It would make an interesting pairing with Sir Terry Prachett’s Nation.  This is a debut novel.

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