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After a 3-year absence Dough’s boyfriend, Wish, is returning to the east coast to attend school once again with her. She has seen his photos on Facebook and he has grown from 14 year old cute to 18 year old GORGEOUS! Great senior year coming up right? But Dough has changed also. There is 70 more pounds of her to love, but will Wish still love her? Will he be more than perfection? And what is with his distaste for rain?

ENDERS’ Rating: ***

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In this much anticipated end of the Triskellion trilogy, Rachel and Adam escape to freedom from the Hope Orginaization to tranquility in Australia. Hahaha! Gabriel is back. Another terrifying adventure whisks Rachel and Adam to New Mexico and back to dangerous New York, following the clues of their grandmother’s diary, hoping to find the third triskellion. Mom is in trouble. The identity of their father is discovered, and at the end Rachel knows that soon her mother will notice the bulge. The epilogue foretells two lives “stirring inside of her.” Don’t look for a photo of Will Peterson, a pseudonym for authors Mark Billingham and Peter Cocks who, despite Rachel giving up the diary, may have more in store for fans one of which snagged the book from me and declared it the best. This is inventive fantasy that opens a new door to fantasy literature without a detour through Middle Earth!

ENDERS’ Rating: *****

Meg is the younger sister of the amazing Cara, her T2P2 (the Totally Perfect Person), and feels she will never measure up to Cara’s popularity, beauty, brains, or a fine catch of an uber-popular boyfriend. Meg is a klutz, with a little art talent and a few buddies at school. So she decides to start a private blog with some VBFs that she has met at camp and youth group from her dad’s congregation. She shares her family’s deep, dark secret and eventually what she sees as the solution, and her VFBs give her the support she needs. In the meantime, Meg meets Jeremy, the quiet and soon to be world fam artist from the school’s advanced art group. Lucky for this reader, Meg writes in her blog in normal American, while her friends respond in text-ese. But that is fine as there is a text glossary which is tefw. I was a little disappointed that the friends didn’t enter the actual story. Maybe another time. Cheryl is an expert in mean girl/women behavior. Check out her other books.

ENDERS’ Rating: ****

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WOW! My 50th blog recommendation. Even though I am a YA Librarian I am a slooow reader. Maybe it is not so much slow, as distracted by other demands. No, I am a slow reader. But nonetheless, this is my 50th review since starting last August, 2008. I haven’t figured out how to be less distracted and read 350 or so books like some librarian I know and adore, but hey, doing my part here!

Well, I must say that between the Bones book this month and GemX I am definitely into the future past and the future to come. GemX, Maxo, is an amazingly perfect, engineered son of the top scientist and top art connoisseur of the Polis. One day, along with other GemXs, Maxo screams as he discovers a crack at the corner of one eye. On “the other side of the tracks” is Gala, a beautiful Natural, a Dreggie, whom Maxo sees on the TropScreen and instantly falls for. When he meets her he beams in on her delicate foot which he asks to kiss, a pretty hysterical scene, appreciated, as this is not a humorous book. Anyway, the Leaderene, Euphony Clore, what a celeb, decrees that the faulty GemXs must be destroyed as they are not perfect. To appease their parents, the Dreggies are framed, with Gala’s brother Phyllo being the chief malignancy to eradicate. I know it sounds complicated, but it is entertaining and easy to follow, with more to come than what I divulged. And, I am hoping for a sequel.

ENDERS Rating: Entertaining barbs at future worlds

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After our winter in the grand Northwest I was prepared for a dark, foreboding read. I was not disappointed. There could not be a more contrasting mood in a book from the charming, witty and funny author I met last June at the ALA conference in Anaheim.

Wintergirls is about two friends, Lia and Cassie, one alive and one dead. Cassie tries to call Lia 33 times the night of her death, a horrible death as a result of purging. Guilt throws Lia into a downward spiral of cutting and starvation. With hallucinations of Cassie conjoling Lia to join her in death, Lia hovers dangerously close to death. Elijah is a unique sage that offered advice and whose eventual desertion leads to Lia’s untimate thaw.

Written in a quirky and engrossing style, you will not be able to put it down.

ENDERS Rating: Nailbiting tension

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Having traveled to Tennessee I can tell you about their yummy, comforting, calorie-enriched cooking. My sympathies go out to Rosemary “Rose Garden” Goode who is a fat and lovely and bright teenager living in a small town close to Nashville. Her mother has purchased a treadmill. Her aunt has purchased self-help diet books. They both nag her constantly about losing weight which, of course, totally flops. Between talking with a short-term counselor and the attentions of a “delightfully enormous, strapping jock,” Rosie has some positive motivation to use her intellect and propensity for self-talk to face multiple, solvable challenges. Another negative: she and her mother never talk about problems. Her mother says all is “fine” to each every question, even when she is diagnosed with a cancer. She faces the harassment of the Bluebirds (more like vultures) at her high school. Even as she loses weight the vultures do not stop attacking. Will Rosie make it to the prom in tact? Will the messages from her heart help her?

ENDERS Rating: Good enough for an Evergreen Nomination

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Meghan Ball works very hard at being invisible at school, and students are very will to play along with her, even though she is morbidly obese. The only one who interacts with her is a jock, J-Bar, who taunts her at every opportunity. Watching this torment, on the first day in the school, is Aimee. Aimee is a gifted poet, mourning the loss of the repartee with her mother’s former boyfriend, and is frighteningly anorexic. She composes a powerful and revolting visual poem about Meghan being surrounded by J-Bar and his lackeys.

Meghan absorbs information and observations about everyone, a human journal. She is intrigued by Aimee and tries to make contact, but the bubble in which she survives keeps her from opening up. Aimee sees Meghan as a stalker as Meghan after she waits at Aimee’s home to warn her about becoming too close to Cara, but cannot vocalize the warning.

Cara: president of the literary club, bright, winner of last year’s national poetry contest. Meghan and now Aimee have issues with her.

Poetic, insightful, amazing images, compelling story!

ENDERS Rating: When, when, when is Madeleine George writing another book????

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The Fold by An Na

Posted: December 21, 2008 in body image, plastic surgery, prejudice

Junior Joyce Park and friend Gina are facing the summer before senior year, and Joyce has one wish: to have John Ford Kang to sign her yearbook on the last day of school. The fiasco of that experience seems to be a prelude for her summer. Her beautiful sister, Helen, will remain the center of attention in the family and with young men. Helen will also commandeer the family car for the entire summer. Helen will have to work at the family restaurant eternally if her parents do not hire a new waitress soon. The summer prospects change with the controlling matriarch of the family, Aunt Gomo, shows up to announce that she has won a large sum of money in a lottery and that she is giving each of them fabulous gifts. To their mother, eyebrow tattoos; to the father a new suit and shoes with lifts; to Helen, arranged courtships; to Andy, shark oil to gain height; and to Joyce, an appointment for eyelid surgery to create Caucasian “folds.” Joyce discovers the importance of true friends, family support and internal happiness. As a student reviewer says, ” Even if you don’t like your looks, it’s the inside that matters.”

ENDERS Rating: Enlightening to someone with folds.

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When Annabel, the youngest of three beautiful sisters, has a bitter falling out with her best friend-the popular and exciting Sophie-she suddenly finds herself isolated and friendless. but then she meets Owen-a loner, passionate about music and his weekly radio show, and always determined to tell the truth. And when they develop a friendship, Annabel is not only introduced to new music but is encouraged to listen to her own inner voice. with Owen’s help, can Annabel find the courage to speak out about what exactly happened the night her friendship with Sophie came to a screeching halt? (B&N synopsis)

ENDERS Rating: Another winner!

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