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Gert Garibaldi looks at her world with its catastrophes and calls it like it is. this bright, unabashed teen picks through the mine field of high school, boys and home while making uncensored commentaries about the people in her life. Her first boyfriend is the poster child for “What you don’t want in a boyfriend.” If you like gutsy, Gert is your girl! The first book about her: One Butt Cheek at a Time.

ENDERS’ Rating: *****
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I totally misread this title. I think the photograph chosen for the cover is to blame. It can’t be me, right?

The Snow Ball Effect
comes from advice Lainey receives from a new guy in her life when he compares the first taste of an amazing new snow ball flavor to understanding that an experience may not be the same the next time it comes up, just like the amazing new snow ball flavor will not be as, well, amazing the second time. It works for the situation in the book.

As the novel begins Lainey is told of her mother’s death. She wonders what to do with her handicapped little brother when her older sister appears to be his guardian. Taking care of Collin is quite the challenge. Lainey’s ever-attentive and doormat boyfriend, Riley, worked magic with him. But the Slurpee guy, Eric, ends up having a serendipitous connection to her mother. The sibs’ crazy trip to Disney World and the repercussions were a bonding experience. Holly seamlessly presented a serious story woven with pathos, humor, excitement and nostalgia. Young adults will love this book. I hope she writes another book soon.

ENDERS’ Rating: ****

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Lauren Conrad says that she has no great talent, but is just being herself on her MTV reality series. But that experience certainly has given her lots of material for her novels!

Her novelized starlet, Jane Roberts, a SoCal young adult whose ordinary life is being shared on reality tv in this sequel to L.A. Candy, shows lots of authentic experiences. Jane has her hands full: a big event assignment by her boss, an out-of-control boyfriend, a friend who is just too blunt and a cast member out to do Jane no good. This perfect storm of relationships is about to implode around Jane and you just don’t know if her sweet, innocent personality will be able to cope with all the drama. Of course, Trevor and Dana are hoping for lots of that drama on tape and it is hard to outrun the mics and cameras.

Fans of the first book will devour this one. The third is out in October 2010.

ENDERS’ Rating: **

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Pass the Tums! D.J. is attempting to re-enter high school after the disasters with Brian and Win. Her mother is still with Win during his rehab and she is wrought with self-doubt that drips off the page of the third in the D.J. saga. D.J. tries to balance a truckload of homework, the coach’s insistence that she be the leader of the team, college visits to find a future team for herself, Win nagging, and Beaner’s emergence as “the boy friend.” Add to that: Brian is not treating her like a leper. The angst of the first third of the book is agonizing, but D.J. is such a compelling young woman that I cheered for her as she took on….herself!

ENDERS Rating: A great book about a fabulous young woman!

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What I feared would be a dry, preachy environmental novel turned into a wonderful narration and flashback of a young woman’s experience helping a family rebuild their Tennessee home destroyed by a hurricane. In the rebuilding, she rebuilds her life that was ripped apart by divorce. I actually listened to the audiobook. I did not care for the reader as her accents were inconsistent and her male voices irritating. But the storyline was artistic and well-developed.

ENDERS’ Rating: Good portrayal of how someone works through family challenges

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“We do stupid things when we’re hurt. But let me save you some grief. When you feel bad, it’s often best to do nothing at all.” Couldn’t we all have used that a time or two? Along with Molly’s widower, advice-giving dad, live her three bachelor uncles. The chorus of advice and platitudes from the uncle-crowded back seat of her dad’s truck zipping to Aunt Tip’s Bangee’s Wake Irish pub is hysterical. Molly wants to do what is right for herself..if only others would let her! Molly O’Keefe has a slimy boyfriend that everyone knows that he only wants to “ravish and toss” her. Molly is prone to giving in to her self-centered, carpe diem buddy Vanessa. She ends up in The Girl Corps, red cape and all, to discover some strength to deal with the Trevor situation and even more.

ENDERS’ Rating: Fun read that keeps you turning the pages!

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I used to have a book display of titles with the ratings of 1-5 Kleenix. This is worth, oh, six.

It was love at first sight when Mia saw her first cello. Her passion for her music leads her to a climatic choice between her art, her family and her soul mate. I dare not say more, but Mia has to leave someone or something behind, no matter what she chooses. Sniff!

ENDERS Rating: 6 Kleenix

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Holy Halloween Cupcakes!

Talk about throwing away your prejudices about cheerleaders being all fluff and no brains. Tessa , a junior who is the Smitten Kittens squad leader, is also the leader of SOS, the clandestine “Kitty Bond” agents who search for evidences of straying boyfriends and deliver their findings to suspicious girlfriend clients.

I loved the SOS communications to clients and contributors, only a page each, interspersed throughout the novel. Tessa’s laugh-out-loud “Rocky the Squirrel” expletives are G-rated. SOS has served cheated girlfriends for two years and Tessa is worried about the amazing amount of boyfriends that cheat. Is her wonderful Aiden the only faithful one left? Holy sizzling frying pan! A new, hunky guy is paying too much attention to her! What will our perky heroine do?

If you want a fun, inventive read revealing the masterminds in cheerleading squads, this is your book. My major concern about the novel is the not so much the lurid details (there are none), but the casual acceptance of teenage sex, which will cause some high school librarians will pass. Teenage girls will adore it! The Naughty List is available in February 2010.

ENDERS Rating: A fun read!

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