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Seattle’s newest paranormal leader, Sam is still recovering from his imprisonment in Douglas’s basement.  He has inherited the necromancer’s home, along with James, the shapeshifting assistant that still communicates with the ghost of Douglas.  Oh yes, Douglas even has nefarious schemes as a dead man.  As Brid father, the were leader, walks into the woods behind his den to investigate something amiss, he is murdered.  Brid, Sam’s new love, becomes the head of the pack and part of the council that Sam is to lead.  As they investigate the strange murder, no clues are found leading to anyone living.  With the help beyond the grave, the murderer is outed.  Despite the looney-tune antics of the shrubbery, statuary and garden gnomes, and the clever reparte, McBride successfully shows the difficulties of young people growing up to fulfill adult roles regarding family, love, honor and loyalty.  This was a delightful sequel to Hold Me Closer, Necromancer.  And yes,  the old gang are still part of the story.  I can see a three-peat in our future!

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Bee is shaken by visits from a doppelganger who hisses that she “wants her life back!” Bee instinctively knows that she does not belong, that she is a creature of the earthy, natural world, that she has robbed this girl of her life. Meanwhile she befriends two other outcast students at school, Haze, who believes that he was fathered by an alien and who stammers; and Sarah, a large and lovely black girl with an amazing singing voice. As a team they break through the stereotypes of losers and outcasts. No sooner have they celebrated their victory of crashing a party they were “uninvited” to attend, but Bee ends up in the hospital, obviously near death. Finally Bee flies her way home to the king and queen of fairies, while the “new” daughter takes her place. Ephemeral, magical, lyrical. This will be a favorite of the arts crowds in high school and will be a buzz in diversity classes. And by the way, where is a book of Yeats’ poetry?

ENDERS Rating: Could not put it down
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