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In this sequel to The Body Finder, Violet still is haunted by the echoes of the murdered. When she solves the disappearance of a young boy stuffed in a cargo car, an agent watching her moves in. Violet is also stalked by a younger teen who is obsessed over Violet’s lifelong friend and boyfriend, Jay. But the girl’s home holds an echo of its own, and Violet’s live is in danger from one of its inhabitants. I was spellbound until I lapped up the last page. There is definitely room for another Violet and Jay adventure with the dead.

ENDERS’ Rating: ****

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Our fave young detective is back with another case that surfaces at the local mall. Only this time Shelly is soloing without the support of her mother or the Academy of Spirits. Shelly assembles a likely list of culprits who are injuring and causing pain for her best friend Junie and the others at her makeup makeover slumber party. More people are victims of tampered makeup and lotions from a mall kiosk. Luckily Grandpa Wren is able to help Shelly. Even her mom, a ghostly police detective, finally begins to assist, even though that act of defiance puts her in dangerous standing at the Academy. The “Janes” were hysterical, even though they took themselves very seriously.

How successful are their efforts? You will see. Will you enjoy this third mystery? Yes, you will.

ENDERS’ Rating: ***

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Brava to BF! In her quest to delve into romantic stories involving dark sides she has concocted a deliciously wicked story with Jekel Loves Hyde. The story is gripping from “I buried my father the day after my seventeenth birthday.” That is in the prologue…do not gloss over it by looking for chapter one. Jill discovers that her father’s death, her not so delightfully alliterative last name, captivating Tristin Hyde, and a science competition sporting a hefty scholarship are all going to complicate her already sorrowful life. Fans of Jessica Guide may mourn the lack of a sequel of that novel, but not for long. Fantaskey’s sense of suspense, shared first person narrations, and episodic tension make a page-turning read that is sure to keep YA readers begging for more.

ENDERS” Rating: Better have mutliple copies in my library!

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Seeing an ad for the DVD release of Angels & Demons reminded me that I did not recommend Dan Brown’s newest, The Lost Symbol, that I read on my Kindle. I read it waaaay back in October. Well, most of you know that it also will be a movie; cannot wait for that.

Our favorite Professor Robert Langdon, is lured to Washington D.C. to present a last minute lecture, only to discover that is a ruse to have him search for and deliver the Ancient Mysteries in exchange for his friend’s, Peter Solomon, life. Peter is the head of the Smithsonian Institute where his daughter, Katherine, has a Noetic research. In the capitol dome Langdon finds the severed hand of Peter, tattooed Masonic symbols and pointing to the ceiling art of “The Apotheosis of Washington”. In a frantic 12-hour search through the city, Landgon and Peter’s daughter follow more clues to save his life, bizarre clues left by Mal’akh, the tattoo-covered villain. Fans will love it. I feel a need to fly to Washington and follow the clues myself. Finally readers will discover the great secret of the ancient mysteries.

ENDERS’ Rating: Fast, intense, fun to read!

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Welcome to Beka Cooper’s fantastical life as a Puppy in a Dog’s world of CSI-fashioned fantasy fiction. Beka is a fledgling cop learning the streets with two of the best trainers of the realm. Assisted by spirits of murdered souls that fly with pidgeons, a purple-eyed, telepathic cat, and dust devils that do tell tales, Beka helps solve crimes that plague the city. Miners have been killed. Children are kidnapped. The city’s power brokers are tormented. Can the crime wave been stopped with the help of Beka’s magic? Lucky for us, she solves more crimes in the next volume of the Beka Cooper series. What a clever departure for Pierce.

Enders Rating: Big, inventive, enticing

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