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Love? MaybePiper is a cynic about love.  Her mother if on her third marriage, and Piper is the after-school and dinner caregiver to her twin and hyper half brother and sister.  She loves them, and volunteers to help, but.  Then there is Valentine’s Day.  Her buddies develop a love potion that they all consume in order to have romance by the day.  Piper does not buy it.  Instead she designs “Consternation Hearts” for the boutique candy shop where she works, when she has time. Then the most popular guy in school is with her wherever she goes.  She feels great that she is with him, and then not so much.  Charlie, her neighborly roof buddy, is exasperated with her.  What is wrong with him?  Is life just one big disappointment?  Maybe?

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Mclean moves often with her dad, going to where he is assigned to resuscitate restaurants in trouble: “Restaurant Impossible” assignments. Mclean decides to be a new person for each move. But now her real self and name have bubbled to the surface. It all begins and ends with Dave. He yanks her into a hiding place during a chase. She repays the favor by ricocheting a basketball onto his head. There are a bevy of memorable characters. Deb commandeers a public service project that the distressed restaurant manager, Opal, has been suckered into assembling. Everyone of Dave’s buds get involved. Dave’s FBFs welcome Mclean and the oddball Deb into their circle. Jason, the cook, is Harvard educated. Tiffany, wait staff, is trouble and contributes some zingers. I loved the “ensemble casting.” But part of that cast is Mclean’s mother who insists on visitations with Mclean. Mclean resent her mother leaving her dad and refuses to go with her. But the money and lawyers of her new step-father might be more than Mclean can handle. Can Mclean and her family be fixed?

ENDERS’ Rating: ****

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What I feared would be a dry, preachy environmental novel turned into a wonderful narration and flashback of a young woman’s experience helping a family rebuild their Tennessee home destroyed by a hurricane. In the rebuilding, she rebuilds her life that was ripped apart by divorce. I actually listened to the audiobook. I did not care for the reader as her accents were inconsistent and her male voices irritating. But the storyline was artistic and well-developed.

ENDERS’ Rating: Good portrayal of how someone works through family challenges

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In a surprisingly impulsive move, Auden chooses to spend her summer before college with her father, his new wife and new baby. She walks in on a depressed and sleep-deprived mother, a yowling baby, and a self-absorbed father who needs his nine hours of sleep a night and solitary confinement writing his next best seller. With the help of Eli, a loner and former bike competitor, she goes on a quest in the middle of nights to experience some typical kid stuff: sneaking into a club, bowling, hot dog parties, but not bikes: too scary. She watches shop girls all perform a 9 PM dance around the shop to whatever tune is played. She makes social blunders one after another, and that is her charm. Loved it! Dessen hits another homer, which would make another good movie.

ENDERS Rating: Do I love Sarah Dessen novels, or what!

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Our own Washington State Randy Powell has written another one out of the park! Milo’s life was pretty good. He had two parents at home, a wonderful fifth grade teacher who told enticing tales of Switzerland, and a great home. Then his dad had a “dalliance” with a college girl, and before Milo knew it, he and his mother were on their own in a seedy apartment complex. His dad? Well, he went off to cement his life philosophy. The plan was that he would share it with Milo when Milo was old enough to understand. As Mom struggled to work and go to school to improve their situation, Dad flitted around the country experimenting with his philosophy and a string of women. The only thing constant were the memories of Milo’s wonderful fifth grade teacher, with her wonderful Swiss memories and her wonderful aunt and uncle. Makes me want to yodel and sing “Sound of Music” songs. Hum, that was set in Austria….close enough! lol

If you haven’t read one of Randy’s books, make this the first!

ENDERS Rating: Keep writing, Randy! I want more.

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