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It has been four years since The Maze Runner was published, and to this day, all 12 of  my library’s copies are checked out with “holds” on the book.  The two sequels, The Scorch Trials and The Death Cure, are going home with students who will be buying antacids at the local  stores.  Such tension-filled books!  There is no relief in the prequel to the trilogy.

Sun flares have scorched the earth and melted people.  Our teen hero and heroine, Mark and Trina, are surviving as best they can.  They join forces with a no-nonsense military man, Alec, who saves their hides so many times that they will never pay him back.  There are horrors everywhere in New York City, and they finally find a way to escape to the Appalacian Mountains hoping that the countryside is cooler and calmer.  Instead they land in the middle of the kill order that makes no sense, and that goes extremely wrong, which you will understand upon reading.

If you want a fluffy read, John Dashner is not your author and this book will not be your pleasure.  If you can handle dystopian dysfunction, mayhem and disease, read on!  It is riveting.

Spoiler for those who have not read Shiver or Linger

Just as Sam is “cured” of warping into a wolf’s body, Grace becomes infected and changes at a dizzying rate, never knowing where she will show up as a scratched, naked teenage girl. Cole has thrown aside his passion for drugs and rock and rock and embraces research on himself for “the cure” to be perfected. But all is not well. A renegade wolf has just killed a new changelings and community leaders are outraged. Isabel’s father amasses state support for exterminating the wolf population. Coupling the werewolf phenomena with the controversy of wolf control in the United States is a great addition to this final, dramatic installment.

ENDERS’ Rating: *****

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David Klass has been one of my fav authors ever since reading the hilarious-poignant-gripping You Don’t Know Me. Stuck is about a snail alien who is sent on a mission to earth to determine if the human race should be annihilated in order that the superior Lugonians, whose planet is in crisis, can inhabit and clean up the earth. Our alien observer, Ketchvar III is to inhabit a 14-year-old’s body, one Tom Filber, and with this human transport, observe the human race to see if there is a glimmer of humanity in humans, or if they are ripe for destruction. Ketchvar discovers that he has landed into a hateful and dysfunctional family, that Tom is bullied at school, and that the major industry in town is clandestinely flushing toxins into the river. Ketchvar is sure that the world will soon belong to the Lugonians. With the help of Tom, an ancient science teacher, and the lovely Melissa next door, Ketchvar exposes the evil paint company. But to what danger has he exposed himself and others? Klass continually entertains us with alien-learns-cultural-nuances humor while he tells this tale of intergalactic imperialism. This book packs great messages in an page-turning package.

ENDERS’ Rating: *****

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This is probably the first novel where an object became a character for me. ROYAL, Victor’s antique typewriter picked up at a Vietnam vet’s garage sale, takes on a role in this delightful, delightful novel about writing, first love, caring for the earth, and PTSD. Victor and ROYAL go on a “Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride” to his personal Walden, the landlocked cabin that his uncle built in the Vermont woods up from his home. Victor is a unique sixteen-year-old boy. He is a budding writer who has read that writing naked produces the best writing; also the most embarrassment. He looks up as he writes, naked of course, in the cabin and see a girl his age smiling at him. Victor also dresses fast. Rose Anna and he begin their own secluded writer’s workshop, he with ROYAL and she with an antique pen with a witch’s formula for ink. She and you read his writing, and he reads hers, but with no comments. Well, Victor tries to make no comments. Want a love story, a quirky story, an earth story all rolled into one? This is it!

ENDERS Rating: I laughed out loud, and want to find a red newt.

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