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Locke and Kara’s intelligences have been kept in high-tech black boxes for 260 years, long after Jenna Fox was reconstructed into a minus-0%-original human being. They have been BioPerfect specimens for a year now, Locke is new and improved with even his cowlick missing. Kara is even more beautiful, but angry. Once they discover that they are prototypes for rich customers, and that their “shelf life” is undetermined, they stage a bloody escape. Locke to reuniten with Jenna. Kara to find Jenna to revenge the years spent in a box. The book stands on its own even if you have not read The Adoration of Jenna Fox. High tension, inventive technological future, great characters, and an America I hope is not part of our future. What is the inheritance?

ENDERS’ Rating: *****

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Here is a Sherlock-Holmes-ish steampuck novel that needs another episode right now. Mr. Socrates rescued a hunchback infant from a traveling side show, raises and educates him, names him Modo, and trains him to be a shape-shifting super spy. Then he dumps Modo out onto the streets of London at age fourteen for an assignment. Modo is to discover the reason behind the disappearances of street children, and others, including Prince Albert (but not in a can). Modo teams up with another Socrates protégé, Octavia Milkweed and they descend into the murky underground of London to discover the horror that Dr Hyde has created. The array of evil are vivid characters. The evil Dr Hyde disappears to surface another day. Can Modo morph into his princely figure long enough to enchant Olivia? We shall see. The Dark Deeps, second in the series, was just released, just when we thought Victorian London was safe.

ENDERS’ Rating: *****

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I have had a streak of excellent reads the last few months! Only one book I reviewed did not make this recommend blog. Maybe that supports my theory that the best writers are writing for YAs.

Robin’s first book, Evolution, Me & Other Freaks of Nature, was a 2008 BBYA book, and FAT CAT is on the fast track to be a winner for next year. Catherine, Cat, is a brilliant teenager with a knack for scientific inquiry, which is put to the ultimate test during a yearlong science project to be judged at a high school level fair in the spring. Through the luck of the draw, Cat draws a picture from which she uses herself as the primary scientific experiment and observation. This project is anything but ho-hum. Amanda, Cat’s best friend, is beside her all the way. I want Amanda for my best friend. Along the way, Cat discovers that she has become a “guy magnet” and has a crash course in repelling guys. Cat has to face a four-year hurt by her former best friend, Matt. She cooks her way into the hearts of all around her. But does she win the competition? Does Cat understand what has happened to her?

I liked Cat; her focus, her commitment to herself. And what does her story come wrapped in: a funny, well-paced story that YAs will love reading.

ENDERS’ Rating: *****

Robin Brande’s Website (I suggest following her website if you are a writer).