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Vampire hunter, Evie, has an amazing gift.  She can see through the “glamours” of paranormals, and determine their nasty identities.  And then she locks them up at the IPCA, the agency that secures paranormals to make the world a safer place.  Actually, Evie is more than a vampire hunter, and the agency knows it.  No one has a gift like her.  This urban fantasy is a romp, but with an edge.  Evie is stalked by a creepy fairie, and death awaits her best friend and the agency. Loved it!  Be sure to catch the sequels, Supernaturally and the third, Endlessly.  Fresh and fun take on the paranormal world.  This is an 2013 Evergreen Award nominee.

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Product Details I am a fan of Claudia Gray, and snatch up her books whenever they arrive at my review group!

With Bianca becoming a wraith and Lucas a vampire, Claudia Gray turns her attention to Balthazar’s story.  After the destruction of Evernight Academy during the horrific vampire war, a mortal student, Skye, returns home, and to her former high school.  Since she rescued Bianca at Evernight, Skye possesses the psychic  power of seeing the moment of death of persons at any location she enters.  Even as a child, she could already see and communicate with ghosts, the reason she was allows to enroll at Evernight.   Baltazar comes to help her with her new power, unknowingly subjecting Skye to the demonic obsessions of the one who killed him, the vampire, Redgrave.  In flashbacks, their lives and the life of Balthazar’s unstable sister-vampire, Charity, intertwine throughout four centuries of history.  Balthazar poses as a substitute teacher and enriched the class with his own Colonial American experiences.  There was a nice little rant about using primary sources rather than textbooks, which made me chuckle.  After a bloody accident in the snow, vampires, good and evil, discover drops of magical blood and seek the source:  Skye.  The cat and mouse game begins to possess Skye. This novel has “series’ written all over it, but there are not any clues  about more books on Balthy and Skye on Claudia’s website.  I would love to follow this story line more.  Having read all her books, I have to admit that they are entertaining reads, with unique vampires.

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Tess, in servitude to a rich, unfeeling matron, plans to escape once the Titanic lands in New York City. The night before boarding, she is bullied by a frightening man on the streets of Southhampton, being saved by an equally unsettling, but handsome, young man. As bad luck would have it, both were in first class on the gigantic ship’s maiden voyage. Without much fanfare, Tess finds herself in the middle of a werewolf supremacy battle, and in love with one of them, mysterious, handsome, rich Alec. Paralleling the amazing Titanic movie, these star-crossed lovers transverse 1st to 3rd class navigating the tense war between werewolves. Tess is saved from death, even her beautiful BLONDE locks, which the cover does not depict. (Old cover, new cover seen here is correct. But does she looks like a servant?) Though Alec and his nemesis lie with the dead for identification, can she be sure of their state? I can see another series brewing. Gothic/ supernatural/love fans will enjoy the book.

ENDERS’ Rating: ****
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Move over zombies, vampires and werewolves for the capaill uisce, the sea monsters that are faster than the winter wind and blood-thirsty for whatever throbs with blood. Well, there goes a girl’s romantic dream of horses! Actually the novel has been the dream of Maggie Stiefvater for years, and we all should cheer that she followed through with writing her finest novel to date. On the isle of Thisby water horses come ashore. Some are captured and trained for the Scorpio Race each November, full of blood, mayhem, death and a prize. Sean Kendrick is the undisputed king of four of the races and trains a capall named Corr, the other half of the team that is to be beat. Another orphan on the island, Puck Donelly, enters the race to pay off the back rent owed by her and her two brothers, to the horrid landlord threatening eviction. Of course the race is the climax of the story boiling with hatred, sexual prejudice, intimidation, attempted murder, and love. The narrative is shared by Sean and Puck. What I love about the writing is that Maggie allows the reader to incrementally piece the stories of these characters together from the evidences of the narration with zero omniscient presence. It is brilliant! I didn’t want to put it down, but I did. I wanted the story to also last longer. I want it to win awards.

ENDERS’ Rating: *****
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For those who think there is no creativity any more in fantasy writing, read Chime! For those who think that young adult lit has no meat, read Chime! For those who think there are no more deliciously creepy stories, read Chime!

Biony is a beautiful teenager who blames herself for the death of her wonderful stepmother, the condition of her twin sister Rose and the fire that destroyed all her stories in the library. When lion-maned Eldric becomes a boarder at her home, she slowly begins to discover herself, the Old Ones in the swamp, and other unsettling revelations.

Rose’s outbursts and commentaries made me laugh out loud. Biony’s musings were innocent, complex, amazing. Here is a sample: “Slicing yourself is harder than you’d think. Your skin doesn’t slice, not like bread or cheese. Your flesh pushes back. It’s resilient, like the skin of a mushroom.”

The swamp was creepy and mesmerizing. I may never walk on a boardwalk at the beach wetlands again. But at least the beach will not give me a deadly cough…

This is no book to rush through. You need to take a bite and chew sixty times. Be prepared for each bite to have another literary flavor.

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I listened to Beautiful Creatures on audio, narrated by Kevin T. Collins. He narrated in a regular voice, but talked in a Southern drawl in the dialog. I loved the sound effects and everything about his pacing.

BC is an Evergreen nominee book for 2012. It is a fascinating melding of voodoo, witchcraft, vampires and casters; definitely casters. Ethan discovers a hidden secret in his boring little town, one involving a new beautiful stranger, Lena Duchannes, her odd uncle, the librarian and the Civil War. His housekeeper keeps Ethan stocked with good luck pieces, as well as an amazing quantity of food to eat. Little by little Ethan discovers that not only is this new stranger unusual, she could be dangerous. Not to mention the curse, and the grave…

The saga continues in Beautiful Darkness, with so many twists and turns you need a road map!

ENDERS’ Rating: *****

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A girl is decapitated. A young man in imprisoned and beaten senseless. A hot werewolf girl is autopsied while alive.

I haven’t read such a funny book in a long, long time!

The most powerful necromancer in the Seattle area is very put out that a young upstart may take over his region. But Sam, the young upstart, hasn’t a clue as to his powers or why this freak is after him. But the werewolf girl is hot. Brooke still talks and harasses him even though her head is in a bowling bag. It could be worse. Bingo.

Laugh when you read this sick book. It is okay. I give permission.

ENDERS’ Rating: *****

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I just enjoyed the tenth installment of “The Ranger’s Apprentice” series, touted as the final battle. Even though the series title is about the apprentice, I am impressed with how Flanagan maintains the ensemble of heroes sharing center stage throughout the series. And I like it! Halt, Will and Horace have such unique characteristics.

In this episode Horace has traveled to the far east to study the fighting techniques of the Senshi of Nihon-Ja. He becomes involved in a bloody civil war when a jealous Senshi lord marches through the country to take power and the life of the emperor, Shirgeru. Will, Halt and their very talented friends board the Skandian Wolfwill to assist. With only the emperor’s injured senshi and a passel of woodcutters and farmers they face the hordes in a last stand.

ENDERS’ Rating: *****

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Prepare to re-enter the bizarre worlds of Incarceron and the Outside once again! Attia is a magic show plant for the crazy magician Rix as they travel through the bowels of Incarceron trying to make contact with Finn, who Kiero is sure abandoned his oath brother for a life of luxury in the Realm. Travel with Rix is dangerous and the two young people strike out on their own yet are imprisoned by a settlement of women. Meanwhile, Finn is desperate to save his friends by rebuilding the portal to Incarceron. His right to the crown is challenged by a possible impostor and Claudia is torn between Finn and her mentor, Jared. The Realm is flickering toward extinction as a last stand between Finn, Claudia and Jared against the queen and her forces crescendos at the warden’s home. If that isn’t enough, Incarceron is trying to free itself from itself. Confused? Crazy enough, it all makes sense in this amazing fantasy/science fiction/dystopia world. I have not read Incarceron, but I understood and was captivated by the entire story.

ENDERS’ Rating: *****

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Tiffany the witch: when I read about her I really want to be one! She has all the great attributes of someone who really loves and serves the people around her. She is tolerant and forgiving of little blue warriors nudging into her affairs, privacy and banquets. She is loyal to old friends even when they are not loyal to her. She faces her enemies head-on. I like this 16 year old girl/witch! In the fourth and last novel about Tiffany and her wee blue men and kenda, she attacks dark acts of violence at home and faces the ultimate darkness that is searching to destroy her. Luckily the Wee Free Men lighten the heaviness of the dangers for the readers. They know that they have to watch out for their “wee big hag o’ the hills.” As Tiffany prepares for the ultimate showdown with the darkness closing in on her, she discovers secrets about Roland’s bride to be and her mother. She administers to his father, the Baron. In a strange turn of events involving fire and a hare she saves the day for herself, Roland, and her hills. I wish there were a fifth novel!

Terry was just awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award from AASL and he has received numerous honors in the UK.

Terry Pratchett has been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s Disease. He spoke to the Alzheimer’s Research Trust Conference in the UK earlier this year, where he donated $1 million to aid Alzheimer’s research.

ENDERS’ Rating: *****

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