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      Wahoo Gray and his animal wrangler dad, Mickey, are hired by the producer of the wildly popular survivalist television show “Expedition Survival” to guide their star through fantastic perils with Everglade wildlife.  Derek Badger is well known for his impromptu survival skills and eating anything, alive or dead, for the show.  But Derrick arrives with a flaming red dye job, a phoney tan, and a belly a bit too rotund for sleek man of the wilds.  This prime dona is flown to a luxury hotel each night.  But that does not mean he is not entertaining to Wahoo and irritating to Mickey.  After blasting Alice the alligator as being too tame for a wrestle, Alice takes Derek on a spin in the pond.  He almost drowns.  Other wildies have their nip of flesh from the star in his less than stellar performances of bravado.  He slinks off into the Everglades to meet his fate.  In the meantime, Mickey and Wahoo have whisked Tuna away from her abusive father and are alluding him in a chase through the Glades.  The producer insists that everyone search for her star.  Great action.  Snorts of laughter.  This is such a fun book for guy readers, well, anyone.


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Ben Campbell’s life is thrown into turmoil when his dad announces that he is divorcing Ben’s mother, and then chooses a boyfriend! Ben is furious that his dad would destroy their family and plots revenge. If he find trouble, he is there. And he brags about it. Make the old man’s life miserable. So what does his father do? Plunks him down into population 400 Normal, Montana. Let the games begin. Did I mention Ben arrives with spiked hair? A real hit in a cowboy community. Soon the plot thickens as Ben discovers that even a town of 400 has some secrets.

ENDERS’ Rating: ****

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Poor Seth. He has lost his fourth job, his girl breaks up with him in Applebee’s in front of the guy replacing him, and then over his shoulder he sees his dad with another woman! He decides to deal with his grief and angst in an oral journal, a podcast, using his mom’s old soundboard. Seth is good and his podcast gains quite a following. While golfing with his dirty-minded bud, Dimitri, Seth determines to ask for his fifth summer job at the golf course and to play gumshoe to ferret out his father’ slut. With zany, witty, hormonal Dimitri as his sidekick they end up in more hot water than fresh lobsters. A new love interest is on the horizon for Seth if he lives through her freakishly horrid sandwiches.

Loved, loved, loved this laugh-out-loud book for its cleverness and compelling story!

ENDERS’ Rating: ****

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Wow! I am honored to read such lyrical writing. Morpurgo is definitely a writer’s writer. He was the Children’s Laureate of Britain from 2003 to 2005 and is a captivating storyteller and prolific writer! These stories are interlaced with short commentaries about their origins and backgrounds. I cannot wait to share the supernatural “The Giant’s Necklace” orally with family. And “My Father is a Polar Bear” would be appreciated by an audience full of people who have lost a father for one reason or another. “The Mozart Question” was my favorite and would be devoured in a journalism class. Nonetheless, I don’t think the book will be selected by readers unless we American bloggers and librarians and reviewers actively promote it. So DO IT! I cannot wait to read War Horse, his novel about one of the millions of horses taken for soldiers during World War. Today Steven Spielberg announced his cast for the motion picture.

ENDERS’ Rating: *****

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Brava to BF! In her quest to delve into romantic stories involving dark sides she has concocted a deliciously wicked story with Jekel Loves Hyde. The story is gripping from “I buried my father the day after my seventeenth birthday.” That is in the prologue…do not gloss over it by looking for chapter one. Jill discovers that her father’s death, her not so delightfully alliterative last name, captivating Tristin Hyde, and a science competition sporting a hefty scholarship are all going to complicate her already sorrowful life. Fans of Jessica Guide may mourn the lack of a sequel of that novel, but not for long. Fantaskey’s sense of suspense, shared first person narrations, and episodic tension make a page-turning read that is sure to keep YA readers begging for more.

ENDERS” Rating: Better have mutliple copies in my library!

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I remember when I first met Roland Smith at our local mall when he addressed the crowd about the saving of Northwest foxes. I also remember reading and enjoying Sasquatch and Thunder Cave.
IMHO, Peak tops them both. Peak is a 14-year-old boy arrested for scaling and tagging the top of a New York skyscraper. His mother and step-father are given the difficult choice of either incarcerating Peak or sending him to Thailand with his natural father. They chose the later. Peak’s dad, Josh, owns and operates a top-notch Everest expedition company called “Peak Experience.” Little does Peak know that he has become part of a scheme to get him at the summit of Everest before he turns fifteen, a record summit age.
Written in a non-compromising, riveting, tense style Peak will keep all readers riveted to see how Peak fares on his ascent.
Peak is a 2010 Evergreen Award nominee book. ( Th1rteen R3asons Why by Jay Asher, reviewed August 2008, is also a 210 Evergreen Award nominee book).

ENDERS Rating: Great adventure story!

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