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The coach is dead.

Millie already has listed a plethora of suspects who detest the football coach for a plethora of reasons. Unfortunately, one of the suspects is her dad, the assistant coach who argued continuously with Hollerin’ Hank.  Another is the former quarterback, beefy Mike, who was replaced by a mysterious Adonis, Chase, who seems to have, well had, the coach in his pocket. Suspect three is Viv, the nasty cheerleader who faced humiliation on Facebook due to the viral video of an incident caused by the coach at a home game. And the list goes on.

Millie is determined to clear her father and gumshoe to find the true murderer. Inspired by the sleuthing of Nancy Drew, she fearlessly pursues her investigations. As Millie and Chase’s relationship blossoms, only to ebb, she forges into danger to save her nemesis and expose the murderer. Like other Beth’s books the reader is hardily entertained by well-drawn and unique characters. I always look forward to being entertained by Beth’s creations, and young adults wanting to read a novel that is an engaging murder mystery will love it kill

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Katie Grable, type A team manager/first aid helper/straight arrow, discovers that the coach has a stash of unlabeled containers of “vitamins” that he is injecting into some of his players. Well, they are bottom of the league heap, and coach thinks he has to try something. Katie is ready to gallop in on her white horse to expose the STEROID scandal, but then one of the players bites her lip off at a party and chews it up. Ewwwww! Mike was always an animal, but this is a new low. What was in those syringes? How will Katie solve this impending disaster?

I have one tiny question. What do football coaches and their star gridiron beasts think of this hilarious book?

Entertaining story, great cover, and welcomed new author! This is going to be a hit at my HS.

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ENDERS’ Rating: *****

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Mitch, shortened from “Michelin Man” taunts he can;t shake loose, has been assigned by the school newspaper editor to be the sports reporter. It’s not the position he wants [editor] but he concedes as most students turn to the sports articles first and because gorgeous, bright Kimi is the sports photographer. She proves to be such an inspiration that Mitch begins to shed some of his tires with yogurt and walk/running. If he could only break an amazing story his dream of journalism scholarship would be at his door.

And there it is: An amazing new quarterback appears on the scene at summer practices. But in front of the coach he, well, throws like a girl. He plays defense. He wears different jerseys. His home looks like a fortress. No one includes his defense record in the scoring stats. What is going on? Mitch has a theory of coach and player cheating and is going to prove it.

This is Deuker at his best. Lots of sports action and palatable tension. My sports readers begged for it before Christmas break.

ENDERS’ Rating: ****

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Joachin says this book is about time travel that is not. But what do you call a premise where a character comes back to his younger body to right a wrong? Kelly, football star on the fast track to college success, wakes to find that his world has changed. That change totally confuses his girlfriend, Jenna, and sidekick, Patrick who has been tagging along and following Kelly’s lead ever since the fateful wreck that took Patrick’s little brother’s life. Everyone is trying to make sense of the change in Kelly and time travel is never ruled out. The action is framed around a nasty bullying scene in which Kelly, Patrick and the rest of the football team teach a ninth-grade Edmund a lesson he won’t forget. Edmund doesn’t. The climax of the changes in Kelly, of Patrick’s stand against parents who love Kelly more, and of Edmund’s revenge culminate between the championship game and prom night, never to be forgotten. Joachin creates amazing metaphors and similes on practically every page, good enough to be textbook examples. I couldn’t put the book down. But I still don’t understand it!

ENDERS’ Rating:*****

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Hampton Green stops time. He doesn’t stop it every football game, but with enough regularly that his plays have moved him into the scouts’ sights. His senior year has great sports promise for him. But the “golden boy” of last season, his best friend, is slipping due to injuries. Personal choices have to be made. Hampton chooses what kind of man he will be in multiple pivotal moments.

ENDERS Rating: Every HS student should read it!

Dairy Queen has been a favorite in our library long before it was nominated for the Evergreen 2009 Award. DJ, a fabulous athlete from an athletic star family, has inherited the dubious task of running the family dairy farm. Mom is too busy with her principal duties, Dad is injured, and DJ’s brothers are off to college enjoying their gridiron glories. DJ has a large assignment from her sophomore year that will jeopardize her junior standing and her chances to be on her volleyball team. She works constantly trying to maintain the farm, care for the cows, and milk them regularly. Her dad invites the neighboring high school’s star quarterback to come help her work the farm in exchange for DJ’s coaching. Oh, I did not mention that she was an excellent football player from playing with her brothers. Tensions, humor, flirting, and manure 🙂 fill the air as these two work and spar and practice together. DJ makes a surprise decision for herself that shocks everyone. Great YA story, with a sequel, The Off Season. Yep! That is in the RAL Library also. And, a third DJ book is in the works.

ENDERS RATING: Easy to read and easy to enjoy!

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