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Sherry falls into a Hollywood mystery when she, Junie and Sherry’s dad travel to Hollywood where Sherry receives a prize for her “True Love” essay. Her mother wafts in on a coffee breeze to enjoy the moment of fame for Sherry and to try to crack the mystery of Marilyn Monroe’s death. At the same time young celebrities’ homes are being burglarized. In wafts a new smell, root beer. What does this ghost bring to the mix of mystery?

ENDERS’ Rating: ****

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The saga continues, and concludes, the love story of Lucas and Bianca that began in Evernight. The story begins in the bloody aftermath of the vampire attack in which Balthazar’s evil sister turns Lucas into a vampire. Lucas is crazed with his ingrained hate of vampires and the loss of Bianca and his blood lust. Balthazar and Bianca convince Lucas that the only place he will be safe during his volatile stage is Evernight Academy. Unfortunately, it is also the most dangerous location for Bianca. If you like a story with layered conflicts, this is the one for you. In fact, a spreadsheet of the conflicts may be useful. Just kidding. And what is going on with Mrs. Bethany, the spooky head mistress? Why is she befriending Lucas who she barely tolerated before? And Bianca’s parents, who hate wraiths, how will they respond to their daughter now? Fans will not be disappointed.

ENDERS’ Rating: ****

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Wow! I am honored to read such lyrical writing. Morpurgo is definitely a writer’s writer. He was the Children’s Laureate of Britain from 2003 to 2005 and is a captivating storyteller and prolific writer! These stories are interlaced with short commentaries about their origins and backgrounds. I cannot wait to share the supernatural “The Giant’s Necklace” orally with family. And “My Father is a Polar Bear” would be appreciated by an audience full of people who have lost a father for one reason or another. “The Mozart Question” was my favorite and would be devoured in a journalism class. Nonetheless, I don’t think the book will be selected by readers unless we American bloggers and librarians and reviewers actively promote it. So DO IT! I cannot wait to read War Horse, his novel about one of the millions of horses taken for soldiers during World War. Today Steven Spielberg announced his cast for the motion picture.

ENDERS’ Rating: *****

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When is a old Gothic mansion not spooky?

Evie senses that immediately when her soldier father enrolls her in the prestigious, expensive, eerie Wyldcliff School for Young Ladies as he reports overseas. With her mother dead and her grandmother elderly and ill, this is his only option to care for his daughter. So Evie begins school after the school year has begun, and enters as a scholarship student, aka, a student needing financial help: two-fisted ostracizing. On her way to the school, which the taxi driver insists in evil and will not drive her all the way, she trudges into a Gothic-ly handsome, black-haired young man who is instantly smitten by her. She knows the women teachers are up to something at the school. The young man insists on nighttime meetings and he wanes from healthy to puny. The other scholarship students seems crazy. Evie discovers startling facts in old portraits and books and diaries. Danger creeps closer and closer as she uncovers powerful secrets. The book is hard to put down, and though British, American readers will relish it.

A sequel is coming in which Evie has to make a life or death choice.

ENDERS’ Rating: ***

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When fans discovered that I was reviewing Hourglass, I had a waiting list for the preview copy faster that “FIGHT!” gathers a crowd. No fan will be disappointed with the continuing saga of Bianca and Lucas, our star-crossed, part- vampire lovers. Bianca is incognito in the Black Cross cell run by Lucas’ mother and husband, Eduardo, a volatile vampire hunter who would execute Bianca in a nano-second if he realized what she was. The cell is hiding in a safe place under New York to insure that vampires do not strike in revenge of the torching of Evernight Academy. All seems well until an email that unravels everything for the cell and for Bianca and Lucas. They face a future of hiding, combating wraiths and psycho vampires, and unknown perils that neither suspected.

You will have to hang out on that cliff until March 2011 for Afterlife. (sorry!)

ENDERS’ Rating: Waiting for the 4th!

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Sherry, our fav thirteen-year-old Nancy Drew, slips into her detective ways once again to discover who is stalking her stepmother. Of course, Paula, her mother and policewoman ghost, is her partner in solving the mystery before someone or some fish is hurt. Joined by her grandpa, the wren, Sherry discovers the true identity of the stalker, but can she save her stepmother from harm? Will she win “real time” with her mother? And how does the school robot competition factor into this mystery?

ENDERS’ Rating: More ghostly fun!

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If you have not read TGB yet, buy or check out an audio narrated by Neil Gaiman himself. Not only is he a top literary artist, but he is a gifted storyteller of varied voices, all captivatingly British.
Nobody Owens, Bod for short, is being raised from a toddler in a cozy, historic, and simultaneously dangerous and foreboding cemetery by a village of dead inhabitants, the major ones being his formerly childless parents, the Owens, and his black velvet-ed guardian, Silas. As graveyard personalities are introduced, their headstone birth and death dates are shared, as well as their epitaphs. Of course, Bod being raised by ghosts is an unusual occurrence, to be sure. You will love finding out WHY.

ENDERS Rating: 5 stars!

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Well, I so don’t do middle school lit. But, dang! This was really fun. How did Barrie Summy come up with the paranormal sleuthing duo idea? Sherry Holmes Baldwin reluctantly teams up with her dead, but still active, policewoman mother in order to save the rhinos of the Wildlife Park near San Diego. She knows her mother is zoning in on her when Sherry “smells the coffee.” Sherry even uses coffee in large quantities to lure her mother to sites. It seems to work as mom shows up. But then she has deceased Grandpa, a pudgy wren (that’s right) often leading the way for Mom.

When you need some zany reading that will keep a smile on your face, pick this one up! I hope I can snag the sequel to review. (That’s a hint, Barrie.)

ENDERS Rating: relaxing, laugh-out-loud romp

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