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April returns home to find her apartment ransacked.

Her spirit could not get much lower as the probable love of her life died just a week before.  Interestingly her mail was not disturbed by the vandals, but it was just as disturbing as Peter’s death.  In the pile was a manila envelop from him, postmarked the day before his death.  Inside was the mysterious ring of Remaliha, with a note urging her to trust no one, not even authorities.  With the state of her apartment: note that.

Both Egyptologists, she and Peter shared love and respect for antiquities which had grown into love for each other.  As teaching summer school drew to a close at Columbia, April was approached by a suave Nathan Hayes to accompany him on an assignment to Luxor to pursue the ring with anachronistic hieroglyphs on the band…her ring!  Despite her better judgment and harassing phone calls, she decided to go on the adventure, all funded by Hayes’ client.  In a series of desperate situations, April doggedly pursues the mystery of the ring.  As the chase comes to a conclusion, roles twist and turn, and the ring rollicks through the desert with all the characters in tow.  If you are looking for a tense mystery read, this is it!  It is a page-turner, easy to imagine on the big screen.


Did not want to like this book.  I did.

Reminiscent of the ancient Greek gods, who had their foibles, Hed and Mona play poker one day, in which the winner gets to be the god who creates and manages Earth.  Mona wins and gives the honor to her teenage son.  Bob (I know) did display moments of brilliance during creation, but since then the world has spun into a bevy of problems.  Bob, being a normal teenager, wants nothing more than sex with every lovely girl he sees, until he sees Lucy, an animal caretaker at the zoo.  He falls madly, madly in love with this fine  creation of his and tries his hand at a formal wooing.  Unfortunately, Bob morphs into two or three frightening creatures when he asks for her hand, and he does douse the world with the worse storms since The Flood. His able assistant, Mr B, is having a devil of a time managing all the blunders that Bob has created.  Especially the whales.

This excellent farce begs some interesting questions and discussions about the role of God in administrating the trials of Earth life.  Are we truly manipulated by “the gods?”  Are some gods peevish and difficult and warlike?  Who is responsible for the earth?  Was a six-day creation period really too fast to get it right?  Who is in charge of our destiny?  Will God answer our questions some day?  Where did we come from?  Why are we here?  Where are we going?

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Kezi is a teenaged mortal and Olus a teenaged god. They are in love and that means trouble. Each has to pass life-threatening tests to be together. All is complicated by Kezi being fated to die. She must descend to dark places and he must become a champion. After a slow beginning that nests an important detail for Kezi, the story picks up and ends strong.

ENDERS Rating: pretty good