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Scoot over Lois Duncan and share your “on the end of the seat” suspense chair with Jennifer Wolf.

Jaycee’s estranged friend, Rachel, has been murdered in a drive-by killing.  Her once lovely little home is trashed by the police investigation, her mother’s sorrow and the horrid blood stains in Rachel’s bedroom.  Jaycee is tormented by not having answered Rachel’s texts the night of the shooting. Added to that, the memory of  Rachel and she going to meet someone at the local vacant, vandalized house still haunted Jaycee.  What Rachel saw that night frightened her enough that she ran, through broken glass in her bare feet, all the way home. After that, Rachel chose a dangerous, seductive path that Jaycee just could not understand and their friendship was severed.  Now Jaycee is determined to find the murderer. Hovering around her are sweet Skylar who obviously loves her, and his smooth brother Evan, who would love to have her.  Jaycee’s lawyer father insists that she stay away from both young men.  But she cannot, as they appear to float around the solution to the murder.  In tense and terse building action, Wolf creates a nail-biting situation that will suck you in.  How much is Jaycee willing to risk to solve this murder that everyone else says is just a freak coincidence?  Is there really a rabid, powerful gang in town?  Rachel trusted only one person.  Can Jaycee trust him, or is he the key to all the danger?

Check it out.  Buy it.  Read it. And “always do the right thing.”dead girls

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Vampire hunter, Evie, has an amazing gift.  She can see through the “glamours” of paranormals, and determine their nasty identities.  And then she locks them up at the IPCA, the agency that secures paranormals to make the world a safer place.  Actually, Evie is more than a vampire hunter, and the agency knows it.  No one has a gift like her.  This urban fantasy is a romp, but with an edge.  Evie is stalked by a creepy fairie, and death awaits her best friend and the agency. Loved it!  Be sure to catch the sequels, Supernaturally and the third, Endlessly.  Fresh and fun take on the paranormal world.  This is an 2013 Evergreen Award nominee.

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Product Details I am a fan of Claudia Gray, and snatch up her books whenever they arrive at my review group!

With Bianca becoming a wraith and Lucas a vampire, Claudia Gray turns her attention to Balthazar’s story.  After the destruction of Evernight Academy during the horrific vampire war, a mortal student, Skye, returns home, and to her former high school.  Since she rescued Bianca at Evernight, Skye possesses the psychic  power of seeing the moment of death of persons at any location she enters.  Even as a child, she could already see and communicate with ghosts, the reason she was allows to enroll at Evernight.   Baltazar comes to help her with her new power, unknowingly subjecting Skye to the demonic obsessions of the one who killed him, the vampire, Redgrave.  In flashbacks, their lives and the life of Balthazar’s unstable sister-vampire, Charity, intertwine throughout four centuries of history.  Balthazar poses as a substitute teacher and enriched the class with his own Colonial American experiences.  There was a nice little rant about using primary sources rather than textbooks, which made me chuckle.  After a bloody accident in the snow, vampires, good and evil, discover drops of magical blood and seek the source:  Skye.  The cat and mouse game begins to possess Skye. This novel has “series’ written all over it, but there are not any clues  about more books on Balthy and Skye on Claudia’s website.  I would love to follow this story line more.  Having read all her books, I have to admit that they are entertaining reads, with unique vampires.

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I listened to Beautiful Creatures on audio, narrated by Kevin T. Collins. He narrated in a regular voice, but talked in a Southern drawl in the dialog. I loved the sound effects and everything about his pacing.

BC is an Evergreen nominee book for 2012. It is a fascinating melding of voodoo, witchcraft, vampires and casters; definitely casters. Ethan discovers a hidden secret in his boring little town, one involving a new beautiful stranger, Lena Duchannes, her odd uncle, the librarian and the Civil War. His housekeeper keeps Ethan stocked with good luck pieces, as well as an amazing quantity of food to eat. Little by little Ethan discovers that not only is this new stranger unusual, she could be dangerous. Not to mention the curse, and the grave…

The saga continues in Beautiful Darkness, with so many twists and turns you need a road map!

ENDERS’ Rating: *****

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This is indeed a “Wicked Lovely” book, fourth in the series. I must admit that it is the first one I have read, and that crippled my reading for the first few chapters. Once I allowed myself entry into this fantastical world, I was hooked. This novel spotlights Ani, hound daughter of Gabriel, and a halfling who is becoming more and more fey all the time. I was confused as to her age, as at the beginning of the story she appears to be a tween, the she suddenly is passionately involved with Devlin, who has been instructed to kill her. But Devlin is smitten and decides to protect Ani instead. Marr fans know that the cast of characters consist of some nasty scary-fairies, Sorcha and Bananach. The latter is never satisfied unless there is war in the worlds, and she is out to create the biggest in this novel. I would love to sketch her. What fairy’s wings drip with blood? How is that for a visual? Ani becomes a strong female lead and with Devlin the “Bloodied Hands” of the fey, saves the fairy world and all its inhabitants from vaporizing from the lack of opposition balance between the queens. Devlin and Ani (with Rea inside of Ani) become the new king and queen to restore balance to the kingdom. There are lots of avenues for the plot of Darkest Mercy released spring of 2011. The Devlin/Ani/Rae triangle will be interesting to see played out as well as the outcome of the new power structures. And what will Bananach do to those humans?

ENDERS’ Rating: ****

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Jack Danielson fans will love the breathtaking conclusion of the “Caretakers” trilogy! Jack is kidnapped and taken into the future world from which he came. There he finds answers for the traumatic adventures he had in saving the oceans and the rain forests in the first two books, Firestorm and Whirlwind. Now he enters the world’s former Eden to find instead giant transport worms, king-sized scorpions and a scorching desert where you have to live underneath the crusty surface or in fantastic fortresses. The Dark Lord realizes that the time portal will be used by Jack and the Dannites to stop the polar ice cap melt, and speeds back in time to battle them. Jack, PJ and Eko travel with a courageous fellowship for the final showdown. Young men already love this series and will devour this finale as well. Some think this trilogy should be required science reading. What do you think?

ENDERS’ Rating: ****

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A raven leads friend Liam and Max to the ruins of Rook Hall, an ancient fortification built to withstand raiders of the north. There on broken stones they find a baby with a note pinned to her blanket: “Plese look after her rite. This is a childe of God.”

Liam’s writer dad cannot believe their raven story, but that changes. So does everything else. Liam’s boyhood mate, Nattrass, has mutated into a sociopath whose fascination with the macabre casts malice and fear. He is not the only dark character. When placing the foundling, Crystal and Oliver are introduced. The lives of these teens intertwine in a suspenseful finale when all of them have to “face the man in the mirror.” Haunting story, fascinating, scary, “Lord of the Flies”-ish.

ENDERS’ Rating: Eerie and enticing

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Brava to BF! In her quest to delve into romantic stories involving dark sides she has concocted a deliciously wicked story with Jekel Loves Hyde. The story is gripping from “I buried my father the day after my seventeenth birthday.” That is in the prologue…do not gloss over it by looking for chapter one. Jill discovers that her father’s death, her not so delightfully alliterative last name, captivating Tristin Hyde, and a science competition sporting a hefty scholarship are all going to complicate her already sorrowful life. Fans of Jessica Guide may mourn the lack of a sequel of that novel, but not for long. Fantaskey’s sense of suspense, shared first person narrations, and episodic tension make a page-turning read that is sure to keep YA readers begging for more.

ENDERS” Rating: Better have mutliple copies in my library!

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This final novel of the Book of Pellinor quartet sums up the high fantasy of the brother/sister team of Hem and Maerad, with an emphasis on Maerad’s adventures with Cadvan to find the treesong. She saves the fortress city of Innail from the impressingly evil Landrost at great peril. The erotic power of an even greater evil is always on her mind. She continues her transformation from slave to savior. I thoroughly enjoyed the adventure, comic relief, battles and freshly drawn fantasy with its own history and poetry and tales. Alison is a great storyteller and poet and linguist. Fantasy readers are going to be so happy with this quartet of books!
Books of the Quartet: The Naming, The Riddle, The Crow, The Singing.

ENDERS’ Rating: Top high fantasy read

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The 100 Top Fantasies a British list….

If you have not read TGB yet, buy or check out an audio narrated by Neil Gaiman himself. Not only is he a top literary artist, but he is a gifted storyteller of varied voices, all captivatingly British.
Nobody Owens, Bod for short, is being raised from a toddler in a cozy, historic, and simultaneously dangerous and foreboding cemetery by a village of dead inhabitants, the major ones being his formerly childless parents, the Owens, and his black velvet-ed guardian, Silas. As graveyard personalities are introduced, their headstone birth and death dates are shared, as well as their epitaphs. Of course, Bod being raised by ghosts is an unusual occurrence, to be sure. You will love finding out WHY.

ENDERS Rating: 5 stars!

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