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Hiaassen fans, enjoy this new romp through Florida with Malley, who runs away with a disreputable older DJ to avoid being shipped off to boarding school.  Yep, rational thinking pill needed!  Her cousin Richard knows that running off with a guy she met on the Internet spells trouble and gallops off to rescue her. He is aided with a vagrant, Skink, whose apparent claim to fame is burying himself as a decoy turtle nest to capture turtle egg poachers.  (You can tell his nest hill.  It is the one with the breathing straw).  Richard made the acquaintance with Skink inadvertently pulling out the straw. Skink, incidentally, is a former governor of Florida and has amazingly straight and white teeth for a tramp.  Before Richard knows it, Skink has joined and commandeered the rescue effort, and elevating the quest to hysterical proportions. Another laugh out loud reading encounter with a zany Hiaasen character while presenting the serious contemporary issue of internet stalking and runaways.skink

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Seattle’s newest paranormal leader, Sam is still recovering from his imprisonment in Douglas’s basement.  He has inherited the necromancer’s home, along with James, the shapeshifting assistant that still communicates with the ghost of Douglas.  Oh yes, Douglas even has nefarious schemes as a dead man.  As Brid father, the were leader, walks into the woods behind his den to investigate something amiss, he is murdered.  Brid, Sam’s new love, becomes the head of the pack and part of the council that Sam is to lead.  As they investigate the strange murder, no clues are found leading to anyone living.  With the help beyond the grave, the murderer is outed.  Despite the looney-tune antics of the shrubbery, statuary and garden gnomes, and the clever reparte, McBride successfully shows the difficulties of young people growing up to fulfill adult roles regarding family, love, honor and loyalty.  This was a delightful sequel to Hold Me Closer, Necromancer.  And yes,  the old gang are still part of the story.  I can see a three-peat in our future!

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Love? MaybePiper is a cynic about love.  Her mother if on her third marriage, and Piper is the after-school and dinner caregiver to her twin and hyper half brother and sister.  She loves them, and volunteers to help, but.  Then there is Valentine’s Day.  Her buddies develop a love potion that they all consume in order to have romance by the day.  Piper does not buy it.  Instead she designs “Consternation Hearts” for the boutique candy shop where she works, when she has time. Then the most popular guy in school is with her wherever she goes.  She feels great that she is with him, and then not so much.  Charlie, her neighborly roof buddy, is exasperated with her.  What is wrong with him?  Is life just one big disappointment?  Maybe?

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      Wahoo Gray and his animal wrangler dad, Mickey, are hired by the producer of the wildly popular survivalist television show “Expedition Survival” to guide their star through fantastic perils with Everglade wildlife.  Derek Badger is well known for his impromptu survival skills and eating anything, alive or dead, for the show.  But Derrick arrives with a flaming red dye job, a phoney tan, and a belly a bit too rotund for sleek man of the wilds.  This prime dona is flown to a luxury hotel each night.  But that does not mean he is not entertaining to Wahoo and irritating to Mickey.  After blasting Alice the alligator as being too tame for a wrestle, Alice takes Derek on a spin in the pond.  He almost drowns.  Other wildies have their nip of flesh from the star in his less than stellar performances of bravado.  He slinks off into the Everglades to meet his fate.  In the meantime, Mickey and Wahoo have whisked Tuna away from her abusive father and are alluding him in a chase through the Glades.  The producer insists that everyone search for her star.  Great action.  Snorts of laughter.  This is such a fun book for guy readers, well, anyone.


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Did not want to like this book.  I did.

Reminiscent of the ancient Greek gods, who had their foibles, Hed and Mona play poker one day, in which the winner gets to be the god who creates and manages Earth.  Mona wins and gives the honor to her teenage son.  Bob (I know) did display moments of brilliance during creation, but since then the world has spun into a bevy of problems.  Bob, being a normal teenager, wants nothing more than sex with every lovely girl he sees, until he sees Lucy, an animal caretaker at the zoo.  He falls madly, madly in love with this fine  creation of his and tries his hand at a formal wooing.  Unfortunately, Bob morphs into two or three frightening creatures when he asks for her hand, and he does douse the world with the worse storms since The Flood. His able assistant, Mr B, is having a devil of a time managing all the blunders that Bob has created.  Especially the whales.

This excellent farce begs some interesting questions and discussions about the role of God in administrating the trials of Earth life.  Are we truly manipulated by “the gods?”  Are some gods peevish and difficult and warlike?  Who is responsible for the earth?  Was a six-day creation period really too fast to get it right?  Who is in charge of our destiny?  Will God answer our questions some day?  Where did we come from?  Why are we here?  Where are we going?

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Kelsey Finkelstein knows that entering high school will be magical, especially since her nemesis has moved away.  Little does she know that her soccer captain has chosen her as the team scapegoat, that the nemesis’ gorgeous cousin is moving to town and that her FBB has stolen the guy she has worshiped from afar.  Kelsey is the high school version of Naylor’s Alice and just as entertaining.  Even though many girls will read this as pure escape literature, Kelsey and her buds face some important issues of high school life.  Kelsey’s war with the school newspaper provides a snort..  In a fit of revenge Kelsey tries out and wins an unusual role in Fidler on the Roof, and spars with Mom who suggests funny adult-out-of-touch advice like using Edward Albee for a modern reading for the play tryouts.  Mom hands out some pretty impressive threats and dotes on Kelsey’s little sister, a perpetual problem for older sisters.  Kelsey learns about drinking at parties and problems girls face when they are sexual prey.   She faces other big issues of major conflicts with friends and having courage to try something new, even wearing a fat suit.  We can hope to be reading about Kelsey as a sophomore.  What a year that will be!

I love John Green’s foray into uncomfortable situations that prove that everyone is unique and important no matter how they loImageok or the challenges they have.  Hazel, now sixteen and tethered to oxygen, was diagnosed with thyroid cancer at twelve, and though her life could be long, it is forever different.  Each week she meets with a dorky counselor at a church “in Christ’s heart” which signifies the center axis of the cross of the church’s design.  I will end my anti-Christ in YA lit rant here to point out that the irony of these possibly terminal young adults meeting in the “literal heart of Christ” with a counselor who had an easy bout of testicular cancer who was so Pollyann-ish about their lives was pretty funny.  But the irony of this pretty inept counselor was the humor of the reference.  In this novel, getting mad at God would be expected, as a young person facing death is pretty unfair and someone has to shoulder the blame. But even here John gets a bit heavy-handed about the world just happening by accident.  (Right.  And your book was created in a desktop publishing malfunction).   Hazel is funny and intelligent and pretty.  She is going through the motions until Augustus Waters shows up at the cancer kids support group.  A long awaited trip funded by a wish-fulfilling group is just what Hazel and Gus need.  The end is poignant, with all the highs and lows of teenagers just living their short lives the best that they can.

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Sadie is in love with Garret, her best buddy.  Garrett hasn’t a clue about this, and shares all his loves stories and loves-lost angst with Sadie.  He also shares his love of culture and writing.  So Sadie makes the smartest decision that she can.  She loves all the things that Garrett loves so that he will love her.  Garrett is leaving for a writing retreat for the summer that Sadie cannot attend.  The text messages fly.  As Sadie starts to pine away her summer, sitting in a coffee house, she finds herself helping the short-staffed and desperate floor manager.  In short order Sadie becomes the youngest member of the staff.  Garrett is not at camp a week when he discovers the love of his life.  Sadie falls apart at the coffee house, and the crew decide to detox her life of Garrett.  Can Sadie live without Garrett?

This fun novel, fourth by Abby McDonald that I have read and like the rest, delivers entertainment and insight.  I love Abby’s characters who capture real people in true situations with which we can all relate.

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It is prom night for popular Bliss, bad girl Jolene, and nerdy Meg. Their prom night is far from imagined perfection. In alternating chapters the girls tell the story of their shared all night adventures that are reminiscent of the feel of “Adventures in Babysitting.” Bliss interrupts a lap dance of her best friend and boyfriend in the limo. Jolene is stood up. Meg’s date shows, but ditches her. A comedy and tragedy of errors follows Bliss’ decision to seek revenge, dragging her new posse’ along on each escapade. Highly entertaining, and ending with a feel-good but unsappy ending, this one will fly off the shelves in libraries. I reminds me again how fun creating stories from different perspectives can be.

ENDERS’ Rating: ****
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Brooklyn seems destined to make bad choices. Not only did chasing a lizard into a hole garner nationwide coverage of her rescue, a great party and bad cooking torched her mother’s model home that used to be for sale. Grounded until she is “forty,” she decides to turn over her decision making to anyone following her new blog called “” One decision she does not have to make is fulfilling the 200 hours of community service with ancient, grouchy Mrs. Moody who is obsessed about “Choose Your Own Adventure” style of stories. Brooklyn likes the new southern guy, but when she blogs and asks for a vote of YES for a date with him, the blog followers tell her NO. Then her math teacher insists that she advance to a more difficult math class. The followers vote yes on that crazy idea also. Brooklyn’s parents are ecstatic about her sensible choice. Brooklyn, not so much!

ENDERS’ Rating: ******

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