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Stella is not a foodie. Well, if you include gourmet food and preparations, as she is a fast food girl. The catch? Her father is a world famous chef, and her mother runs a unique restaurant, Open Kitchen, where guest chefs feed eager gourmands. Stella is tantalized by the new intern at the restaurant and she enjoys the work there just a bit more. But where does this put her ever-loyal boyfriend who has declared love to her? This fun novel gives us a slice of life of a teen involved in a Food TV world, and it is delectable.

ENDERS’ Rating: Yummy read

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Think you have a busy week coming up?

Try covering a Crispy Dreams shop opening complete with a fabulous prize for the longest camping groupie, bonding with a Christian motorcycle gang member, writing the perfect article for a huge scholarship, patching it up with a former friend turned enemy, saving your parents’ jobs, uncovering a polluted land purchase, and allowing yourself to fall in love. It makes me tired to even write that!

Believe it or not, this is the first novel for Lara Zielen. It deal with power struggles in church congregations, a subject not often tackled in YA lit. Even though there is so much going on, it all makes sense. You will like Emma. She is a great character. In fact, all the characters are really well defined. Great book! Write more! Cute cover.

ENDERS’ Rating: Whizzed right through it!

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Garth has more than being short for his age as a problem: his father drowned sailing, and he is gay, but no one knows beside his mom and Lisa, Garth’s best friend. Mom is constantly tired and does not want to deal with Garth coming out, and she is afraid some looney will harm him. Then Uncle Mike, twin brother to his dad shows up to stay for a few weeks. Before Garth knows it he is involved with Mike’s money making scams. Before he knows it, Mike helps him be comfortable with himself. Before he knows it, there is trouble. Congrats to Ryan on his characterization, particularly Garth, Lisa and the dog-loving old lady! This YA novel can be enjoyed on so many levels, and a good discussion: we do trust Mike?

ENDERS Rating: Good read