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The coach is dead.

Millie already has listed a plethora of suspects who detest the football coach for a plethora of reasons. Unfortunately, one of the suspects is her dad, the assistant coach who argued continuously with Hollerin’ Hank.  Another is the former quarterback, beefy Mike, who was replaced by a mysterious Adonis, Chase, who seems to have, well had, the coach in his pocket. Suspect three is Viv, the nasty cheerleader who faced humiliation on Facebook due to the viral video of an incident caused by the coach at a home game. And the list goes on.

Millie is determined to clear her father and gumshoe to find the true murderer. Inspired by the sleuthing of Nancy Drew, she fearlessly pursues her investigations. As Millie and Chase’s relationship blossoms, only to ebb, she forges into danger to save her nemesis and expose the murderer. Like other Beth’s books the reader is hardily entertained by well-drawn and unique characters. I always look forward to being entertained by Beth’s creations, and young adults wanting to read a novel that is an engaging murder mystery will love it kill

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In this much anticipated end of the Triskellion trilogy, Rachel and Adam escape to freedom from the Hope Orginaization to tranquility in Australia. Hahaha! Gabriel is back. Another terrifying adventure whisks Rachel and Adam to New Mexico and back to dangerous New York, following the clues of their grandmother’s diary, hoping to find the third triskellion. Mom is in trouble. The identity of their father is discovered, and at the end Rachel knows that soon her mother will notice the bulge. The epilogue foretells two lives “stirring inside of her.” Don’t look for a photo of Will Peterson, a pseudonym for authors Mark Billingham and Peter Cocks who, despite Rachel giving up the diary, may have more in store for fans one of which snagged the book from me and declared it the best. This is inventive fantasy that opens a new door to fantasy literature without a detour through Middle Earth!

ENDERS’ Rating: *****

Lauren Conrad says that she has no great talent, but is just being herself on her MTV reality series. But that experience certainly has given her lots of material for her novels!

Her novelized starlet, Jane Roberts, a SoCal young adult whose ordinary life is being shared on reality tv in this sequel to L.A. Candy, shows lots of authentic experiences. Jane has her hands full: a big event assignment by her boss, an out-of-control boyfriend, a friend who is just too blunt and a cast member out to do Jane no good. This perfect storm of relationships is about to implode around Jane and you just don’t know if her sweet, innocent personality will be able to cope with all the drama. Of course, Trevor and Dana are hoping for lots of that drama on tape and it is hard to outrun the mics and cameras.

Fans of the first book will devour this one. The third is out in October 2010.

ENDERS’ Rating: **

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Mackler hands us another winner with four tangled up lives of four teenagers: beautiful and successful Skye, her reluctant sidekick Jena, Dakota the pig, and his younger, nerdy brother Owen. The tangling involves their connections with each other over a four month period. We are introduced through Jena’s eyes to perfect, aloft Skye with whom she has to share spring break in Paradise due to their mothers being college buddies. While there she is seduced by Dakota. She is shocked-delighted-fearful of her first sexual encounter. The reader feels the violation. Skye steals him away for Jena’s final spring break humiliation. In May Dakota becomes the narrator, revealing that he was reeling from the death of his estranged girlfriend. June is Skye’s month. She is disillusioned with her famed life, discovering on “Real Life” that her dead father has family still in Brazil. Last is Dakota’s brother, Owen, the blogger of “Loser with a Laptop” who cannot tolerate the retreat in which his mother enrolls him to take him out of geek-dom. He goes on the lam to meet Jena in New York City under the wooden butterflies of the children’s museum. I loved comparing his view of Jena with hers from April. He was so taken by her that he felt like he had “a fault line in [his] body.”

ENDERS’ Rating: ****

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Meg is the younger sister of the amazing Cara, her T2P2 (the Totally Perfect Person), and feels she will never measure up to Cara’s popularity, beauty, brains, or a fine catch of an uber-popular boyfriend. Meg is a klutz, with a little art talent and a few buddies at school. So she decides to start a private blog with some VBFs that she has met at camp and youth group from her dad’s congregation. She shares her family’s deep, dark secret and eventually what she sees as the solution, and her VFBs give her the support she needs. In the meantime, Meg meets Jeremy, the quiet and soon to be world fam artist from the school’s advanced art group. Lucky for this reader, Meg writes in her blog in normal American, while her friends respond in text-ese. But that is fine as there is a text glossary which is tefw. I was a little disappointed that the friends didn’t enter the actual story. Maybe another time. Cheryl is an expert in mean girl/women behavior. Check out her other books.

ENDERS’ Rating: ****

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