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Each year boys rate all the girls and clandestinely publish (but everyone knows) the list of the ten hottest girls in school.  Kenzie hasn’t a clue as to how she rated fifth on the list. Her life begins to change as the other hotties adopt her as their own.  Oh yeah, and when number one suddenly dies. She is terrified.

Hottie lists have made national news. The tension as the Hottie List girls are picked off will keep readers glued to the pages.

The book delves into the dangers of choosing superficial friends, trendy dress, or actions that are motivated only for increased popularity. The author achieves this without being preachy.  The point is made! Check out her other books on Roxanne’s website.97088

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Scoot over Lois Duncan and share your “on the end of the seat” suspense chair with Jennifer Wolf.

Jaycee’s estranged friend, Rachel, has been murdered in a drive-by killing.  Her once lovely little home is trashed by the police investigation, her mother’s sorrow and the horrid blood stains in Rachel’s bedroom.  Jaycee is tormented by not having answered Rachel’s texts the night of the shooting. Added to that, the memory of  Rachel and she going to meet someone at the local vacant, vandalized house still haunted Jaycee.  What Rachel saw that night frightened her enough that she ran, through broken glass in her bare feet, all the way home. After that, Rachel chose a dangerous, seductive path that Jaycee just could not understand and their friendship was severed.  Now Jaycee is determined to find the murderer. Hovering around her are sweet Skylar who obviously loves her, and his smooth brother Evan, who would love to have her.  Jaycee’s lawyer father insists that she stay away from both young men.  But she cannot, as they appear to float around the solution to the murder.  In tense and terse building action, Wolf creates a nail-biting situation that will suck you in.  How much is Jaycee willing to risk to solve this murder that everyone else says is just a freak coincidence?  Is there really a rabid, powerful gang in town?  Rachel trusted only one person.  Can Jaycee trust him, or is he the key to all the danger?

Check it out.  Buy it.  Read it. And “always do the right thing.”dead girls

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The coach is dead.

Millie already has listed a plethora of suspects who detest the football coach for a plethora of reasons. Unfortunately, one of the suspects is her dad, the assistant coach who argued continuously with Hollerin’ Hank.  Another is the former quarterback, beefy Mike, who was replaced by a mysterious Adonis, Chase, who seems to have, well had, the coach in his pocket. Suspect three is Viv, the nasty cheerleader who faced humiliation on Facebook due to the viral video of an incident caused by the coach at a home game. And the list goes on.

Millie is determined to clear her father and gumshoe to find the true murderer. Inspired by the sleuthing of Nancy Drew, she fearlessly pursues her investigations. As Millie and Chase’s relationship blossoms, only to ebb, she forges into danger to save her nemesis and expose the murderer. Like other Beth’s books the reader is hardily entertained by well-drawn and unique characters. I always look forward to being entertained by Beth’s creations, and young adults wanting to read a novel that is an engaging murder mystery will love it kill

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Lyndsay’s love of the word is so apparent in this historical mystery. “The dry march of data,” trees “burst[ing] violently red and then faded back into line drawings” and “medical tomes, gigantic and somber” are just a few examples in a book heavy with colorful wordsmithing. Reading the story was a page-turning “plot fix” that Val would have enjoyed. At the same time, I found myself re-reading sentences and phrases just to enjoy the words frolicking with one another.

Tim Wilde, he and his brother orphans due to a barn fire, is a pretty satisfied and competent bartender with savings and his sights on lovely Mercy Underhill. Ironically another gigantic fire changes his wealth, face and profession. His brother Val, a brilliant but a well-rounded addict to anything, snags Tim a job as a new policeman for the Five Point area, Ward 6, of New York, pretty much the armpit of the 1845 city. Child prostitutes, disease, potato famine immigrants/rats, and ever-present corruption are punctuated with a new horror, the butchering of child-mabs.

I couldn’t put it down. My more sophisticated readers at school will love and appreciate it as well. Luckily for us, there is a sequel heating up at the publisher.

ENDERS’ Rating: *****

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Catholic schools have not been the scene of such violence since Robert Cormier’s The Chocolate War.

Paul Varderman, an everyman high school student, just tries to keep it together as he navigates through bullies, girls and strange teachers at his private school. But this school is home to its own frightening sociopath. Roth, big, neanderthal, strong and brilliant, who thrives on the groveling and simpering of fellow students. Roth threatens Paul if he does not become a delivery boy to a rival at the neighboring school. That terrifying encounter is the unraveling of the lives of bullies and “the freaks.” This is an unforgettable story that you and your friends can talk about for days.

ENDERS’ Rating: ****

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