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Requiem by Paul Janecsko

Posted: March 6, 2012 in Holocaust, poetry

Janeczko bases all the poems on his research of events and facts about the Terein Ghetto, known to be the last stop before the furnaces. All but one, “Altre Eisinger/11956 was a found poem, who was shot at Buchenwald in 1945. The composers mentioned in “Anna Teller/12727” were inmates at Terezin before their journey to the Nazi gas chambers. This will be an excellent addition to our senior English classes study of Night. The poems are haunting and beautiful

ENDERS’ Rating: *****
Paul’s Website

Fresh new voices of poetic talents!

Most have not been previously published and we are blessed to be able to add them to our high school and public library and home shelves. Current topics and issues hum through the verses. The poets come from all locations, submitting their pieces to be included in Nye’s book honoring “25 poets under 25.” There is a short introduction by Nye discussing the contact and compilation of the book. Short, whimsical bios and photographs of the fledgling poets are in the back pages. Certainly Matthew Baker’s “ode to poetry” will help resuscitate a defense and anger over the lack of poetry study: “you are nothing, poetry you are the weak, the helpless,/the unevolved, you are the entire state of Delaware/yawning in unison, you are rhyming, no one cares.” I care, I really do!

ENDERS’ Rating: ****

Naomi’s letter to would-be terrorists

Smart. Charming. Funny. Kevin Boland is all that, plus a good ball player and a clever poet. He has everything sewn up, including a really, really cute girlfriend, excellent grades, and a dad with whom he shares his dreams and his poetry. Kevin attends an open mic night and meets a quirky poet who happens to be a girl, with a boyfriend. Smart Charming. Funny. Oh dear! I think we have a conflict rising. And a poetry throwdown between Kevin and Amy, the girl who makes up poetry once she stands at the mic! Two girls. Baseball or poetry. How will Kevin deal with all this? with blank verse and villanelle.

ENDERS’ Rating: Far too much fun between two covers.

More of Ron Koertge’s Poetry

Okay, throw away your ideas about how to treat a book. You are to rip out the pages of this one, carefully, so that you can share each of the 200 poems! Have fun during National Poetry Month in April figuring out how to give, hide, display the poems. It is a tough book to enjoy in a library, so you may have to buy your own to rip up and give away.

ENDERS Rating: Way too much fun to have with a book!
Funny YouTube using Poem in Your Pocket