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Book eight’s exploits of Halt, Will and Horace kept me reading long after “lights out.” In this novel a power-hunger cult slides into villages of Clonmel warning the people of marauding bands of murderers whom their god, made of gold with the villagers’ riches, will expel from the land. Of course the hooligans and the head priest and his henchmen are in kahoots. But their performances are quite terrifying and convincing. Halt sees through the scam and leads the Will and HOrace to his homeland of Clonmel to restore the kingdom one local king at a time. With battles, stratagems and stealth they face their enemies. A logical and smooth ending is a perfect segue to book nine of this Gallic-style fantasy series. And who doesn’t love horses who telepathically communicate with their riders?

ENDERS’ Rating: ****

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Jack Danielson fans will love the breathtaking conclusion of the “Caretakers” trilogy! Jack is kidnapped and taken into the future world from which he came. There he finds answers for the traumatic adventures he had in saving the oceans and the rain forests in the first two books, Firestorm and Whirlwind. Now he enters the world’s former Eden to find instead giant transport worms, king-sized scorpions and a scorching desert where you have to live underneath the crusty surface or in fantastic fortresses. The Dark Lord realizes that the time portal will be used by Jack and the Dannites to stop the polar ice cap melt, and speeds back in time to battle them. Jack, PJ and Eko travel with a courageous fellowship for the final showdown. Young men already love this series and will devour this finale as well. Some think this trilogy should be required science reading. What do you think?

ENDERS’ Rating: ****

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Seeing an ad for the DVD release of Angels & Demons reminded me that I did not recommend Dan Brown’s newest, The Lost Symbol, that I read on my Kindle. I read it waaaay back in October. Well, most of you know that it also will be a movie; cannot wait for that.

Our favorite Professor Robert Langdon, is lured to Washington D.C. to present a last minute lecture, only to discover that is a ruse to have him search for and deliver the Ancient Mysteries in exchange for his friend’s, Peter Solomon, life. Peter is the head of the Smithsonian Institute where his daughter, Katherine, has a Noetic research. In the capitol dome Langdon finds the severed hand of Peter, tattooed Masonic symbols and pointing to the ceiling art of “The Apotheosis of Washington”. In a frantic 12-hour search through the city, Landgon and Peter’s daughter follow more clues to save his life, bizarre clues left by Mal’akh, the tattoo-covered villain. Fans will love it. I feel a need to fly to Washington and follow the clues myself. Finally readers will discover the great secret of the ancient mysteries.

ENDERS’ Rating: Fast, intense, fun to read!

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Harry Potter and Ranger’s Apprentice fans: get into the Triskellion series, with the third being issued in 2010. The action, despair, alternate history, authentic facts, heroes, definite and quasi-villains will hold you in your seats until the book is devoured. Twins Rachel and Adam’s horrendous experience in the village of Triskellion seems to be over as they and their mother are escorted away by archeologists to Project Hope. Instead they find themselves in duplicates of their bedrooms inside a huge complex where they are studied. In a rogue action, Rachel discovers a cadaver lab and plans an immediate escape with the strange boy Michael. Will they ever outrun the project’s scientists and managers? What other evils lurk? Who IS Michael? What is with all the bees? The resolution of the story is neither tidy, hopeful, or comfortable. Congratulations to Billingham and Cocks (aka Will Peterson) for sticking to an uncomfortable story about humanity’s fright, prejudice and destruction of whatever it does not understand.

ENDERS’ Rating: WOW! Rush T3!

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“Pandora’s box:” People use the phrase without knowing the rest of the story, which Hennesy has certainly given us in the first novel about how Pandora opened that nasty little box and released all the enclosed evils and vices onto the entire world. In a light-hearted romp, Pandora and her two sidekicks, Iole and Alcie, set off on a timed quest to recover the evils, the first being Jealousy. The use of anachronistic humor is heavy on contemporary family, school and teen venacular: “Big-time phileo, Dad,” “stop already” and “off limits” are just a few of the liberal sprinkling tossed throughout the book. Hera’s evil designs on poor Pandy and her BBFs are thwarted by the rest of the gods who slip in handy gadgets that Maxwell Smart would love. The gods’ strategy meeting in Hades interrupted by Hera is hysterical, showing their godly traits and Hera’s need for a birthday party. The strength of Pandora Gets Jealous is that it peaks the reader’s interesting in opening a mythology book again. Only 164 days left!

ENDERS’ Rating: Fun with gods and goddesses

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