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I had this book sitting on my desk for about a month. Then I hear that it was nominated for a teen “National Book Award” and to the top of the pile it exploded. This book read like a novel, specifically a Dan Brown thriller, with short chapters that hop around the world with stunning tension-filled stories, that are true. I loved the espionage missions of the Norwegian resistance fighters. Perhaps one of the few concerns was that there was no follow-up to the rest of their lives as there was for the American spy, Hall, and the brilliant physicist, Oppenheimer. The epilogue was the only section of the book sprinkled with the author’s viewpoints, but I think this cautionary tale deserves his take on nuclear weapons.

What a nail-biter!

And if you are brave enough to look at the bibliographies, you will be amazed at the attributions! I like how
Sheinkin attributes the direct quotes, not MLA formatted, but in a very reader-friendly.

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Locke and Kara’s intelligences have been kept in high-tech black boxes for 260 years, long after Jenna Fox was reconstructed into a minus-0%-original human being. They have been BioPerfect specimens for a year now, Locke is new and improved with even his cowlick missing. Kara is even more beautiful, but angry. Once they discover that they are prototypes for rich customers, and that their “shelf life” is undetermined, they stage a bloody escape. Locke to reuniten with Jenna. Kara to find Jenna to revenge the years spent in a box. The book stands on its own even if you have not read The Adoration of Jenna Fox. High tension, inventive technological future, great characters, and an America I hope is not part of our future. What is the inheritance?

ENDERS’ Rating: *****

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Didn’t want to like this book. Dystopia novels are going the path of fallen angels and vampire books for my attention span: give me something fresh or pack it up!

Green is the only survivor in her family after the horrendous attack of the Horde. The young man she loves is missing. She lives in a solitary world of gardening, healing and adoring herself with green tendril tattoos. Alice employs the fool myth, as Green visits three “witches” and receives powers through their stories to travel to the center of the Horde to try to heal the land and their destroyed city. I loved this story of survival after cataclysmic destruction, and was glad to see that one of my favorite author, David Levithan, was the editor.

ENDERS’ Rating: ****

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One of the most amazing experiences of my life was visiting the Anne Franke House in Amsterdam. Wow! What a way for all those memories to come back to me. This beautiful book of photographs in almost a scrapbook format, and summaries of her life with quotes from Anne’s favorite present, her diary, was so enjoyable from start to finish. Like any good diary, Anne’s family story is told from the beginning with her parents’ wedding, to the end at Bergen Belsen’s death camp. If you want to read Anne’s diary, this would be a great introduction.

ENDERS’ Rating: Awesome!!!

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