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Okay, I have to get this off my chest right now: panty hose were invented in the 1950s. Outside of that anachronism, I enjoyed reading the continuing soap opera of the lives of Cordelia, Letty and Astrid. Cordelia is fitting well into the gangster society of her half-brother. Letty has lost her one love, but her singing career is taking off due to being in the right place at the right time. Astrid is kidnapped with a gunny sack over her head, but a blood bath saves her to marry her true love, Cordilia’s brother. What will these girls face next in The Lucky Ones? The big D? Let’s all tune in for the third novel and see. Godbersen is a fine author who keeps the reader wrapped around her little finger.

ENDERS’ Rating: *****
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Lorraine knows that Jerome and Gloria are desperate to perform and eat, so traps them with an audition ad tailored to entice. Clara faces having to choose between flirting with flapper life again and wonderful, patient, redeeming Marcus. Her foray into writing for the “Manhattanite” social rag unveiled her wonderful writing, but also lured her like a siren to her wild flapper days. Jillian joyously peppered the dialog with idioms of the time, entertained us with Clara’s antics, and had us holding our breath with the building tensions of the entrapment of Jerome and Gloria. Will they make it out of their first performance alive?

ENDERS’ Rating: ***
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Two best friends choose to leave their suffocating lives in rural America and head to the Big Apple to seek their fortunes and happiness. Faced with their first crisis, the two friends part, one to an amazing dream, the other to the streets. Their parallel lives intersect and drift apart once again. Can 1929 New York bring them the happiness both want, or does the cruelty, violence and despair rule everything?

Anna Godbersen just finished the draft of the 2nd book in the series.

ENDERS’ Rating: *****

I had to laugh at myself. I searched all over the W3 for a picture of Jillian, only to finallky remember that she posed for me Monday night at the Random House gala to celebrate her new book! She is darling, right?

“Men, booze and all that jazz.” Vixen is set in the 1920s when young people, in this case, seventeen and eighteen year olds, were casting off the old and embracing the carefree world that attempted to wipe away the memory of The Great War. Our three damsels, debutant Gloria, frisky Lorriane and tainted Clara, are all vixens at difference stages. Clara is dumped at her cousin’s, Gloria’s, home with strict orders to shape up or ship out to a reform school. Gloria is locked into a loveless engagement like a caged songbird. and Lorriane just can’t be bad fast enough. I was a little concerned about the use of flasher, black and sparkling cider in the story, but considering Jillian is young enough to be my daughter and that she is a “Thoroughly Modern Millie” buff, I can forgive the modern terms. (Actually I did find that sparking cider was a mildly alcoholic cider of 1880, and people flashed in 1890). All three girls are dangerously connected to bullying men, either mob owners of speakeasies or manipulating fiancees. There are lots of twists and turns with the girls alternating the narration of their hair-raising antics. I am looking forward to the sequel in 2011. (Young women at school do not care for the armpit in the cover photo).

ENDERS’ Rating: ***