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Once again in pursuit of the Outsiders, Halt, Will and Horace become the hunted by the assassins. Halt is in peril as he is hit by an arrow. It is only a small wound and he begins to mend until riding the next day when everyone discovers that the arrow is tipped with poison. They are in the middle of a wilderness, away from any help. Will and Tug race to bring the healer Malcolm to create a concoction to save him. The only problem is that one cure will heal, one will kill. The key is the assassin. Great adventure! Waiting for the tenth episode!

ENDERS’ Rating: *****

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Tiffany the witch: when I read about her I really want to be one! She has all the great attributes of someone who really loves and serves the people around her. She is tolerant and forgiving of little blue warriors nudging into her affairs, privacy and banquets. She is loyal to old friends even when they are not loyal to her. She faces her enemies head-on. I like this 16 year old girl/witch! In the fourth and last novel about Tiffany and her wee blue men and kenda, she attacks dark acts of violence at home and faces the ultimate darkness that is searching to destroy her. Luckily the Wee Free Men lighten the heaviness of the dangers for the readers. They know that they have to watch out for their “wee big hag o’ the hills.” As Tiffany prepares for the ultimate showdown with the darkness closing in on her, she discovers secrets about Roland’s bride to be and her mother. She administers to his father, the Baron. In a strange turn of events involving fire and a hare she saves the day for herself, Roland, and her hills. I wish there were a fifth novel!

Terry was just awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award from AASL and he has received numerous honors in the UK.

Terry Pratchett has been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s Disease. He spoke to the Alzheimer’s Research Trust Conference in the UK earlier this year, where he donated $1 million to aid Alzheimer’s research.

ENDERS’ Rating: *****

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This is indeed a “Wicked Lovely” book, fourth in the series. I must admit that it is the first one I have read, and that crippled my reading for the first few chapters. Once I allowed myself entry into this fantastical world, I was hooked. This novel spotlights Ani, hound daughter of Gabriel, and a halfling who is becoming more and more fey all the time. I was confused as to her age, as at the beginning of the story she appears to be a tween, the she suddenly is passionately involved with Devlin, who has been instructed to kill her. But Devlin is smitten and decides to protect Ani instead. Marr fans know that the cast of characters consist of some nasty scary-fairies, Sorcha and Bananach. The latter is never satisfied unless there is war in the worlds, and she is out to create the biggest in this novel. I would love to sketch her. What fairy’s wings drip with blood? How is that for a visual? Ani becomes a strong female lead and with Devlin the “Bloodied Hands” of the fey, saves the fairy world and all its inhabitants from vaporizing from the lack of opposition balance between the queens. Devlin and Ani (with Rea inside of Ani) become the new king and queen to restore balance to the kingdom. There are lots of avenues for the plot of Darkest Mercy released spring of 2011. The Devlin/Ani/Rae triangle will be interesting to see played out as well as the outcome of the new power structures. And what will Bananach do to those humans?

ENDERS’ Rating: ****

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Harry Potter and Ranger’s Apprentice fans: get into the Triskellion series, with the third being issued in 2010. The action, despair, alternate history, authentic facts, heroes, definite and quasi-villains will hold you in your seats until the book is devoured. Twins Rachel and Adam’s horrendous experience in the village of Triskellion seems to be over as they and their mother are escorted away by archeologists to Project Hope. Instead they find themselves in duplicates of their bedrooms inside a huge complex where they are studied. In a rogue action, Rachel discovers a cadaver lab and plans an immediate escape with the strange boy Michael. Will they ever outrun the project’s scientists and managers? What other evils lurk? Who IS Michael? What is with all the bees? The resolution of the story is neither tidy, hopeful, or comfortable. Congratulations to Billingham and Cocks (aka Will Peterson) for sticking to an uncomfortable story about humanity’s fright, prejudice and destruction of whatever it does not understand.

ENDERS’ Rating: WOW! Rush T3!

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Well, I so don’t do middle school lit. But, dang! This was really fun. How did Barrie Summy come up with the paranormal sleuthing duo idea? Sherry Holmes Baldwin reluctantly teams up with her dead, but still active, policewoman mother in order to save the rhinos of the Wildlife Park near San Diego. She knows her mother is zoning in on her when Sherry “smells the coffee.” Sherry even uses coffee in large quantities to lure her mother to sites. It seems to work as mom shows up. But then she has deceased Grandpa, a pudgy wren (that’s right) often leading the way for Mom.

When you need some zany reading that will keep a smile on your face, pick this one up! I hope I can snag the sequel to review. (That’s a hint, Barrie.)

ENDERS Rating: relaxing, laugh-out-loud romp

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Whoo hoo!!! Doin’ my happy dance! The third of the Making Lemonade trilogy is in my family room. Years of asking, “When is the third coming out?” has ended!
LaVaughn is now an achieving, thoughtful senior in high school. Her anchors of “Guidance Man” and Dr. Rose have grounded her despite closures of science lab classes and the threatened closure of her school library. Jolly is attending classes for her GED, little Jeremy and Jilly are beautiful and inquisitive joys, and LaVaughn has been accepted into the Women in Science grant program. Slow-speaking and deep-thinking Patrick attends a special academy at “the U,” with a lab key!

LaVaughn definitely has a scientific mind. She observes, tests and presents results. These results will affect her life, Patrick’s life, Jolly’s, Dr. Moore and especially Jilly and Jeremy’s. But her scientific mind blocks her from the most humane of experiences: forgiveness.

Watch for the dramatic conclusion: It is in chapter 105. Have tissue handy.


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Not having read the first of this series “Likely Story” I don’t know how Mallory became a Hollywood soap opera producer. But it is obvious that her soap star mother plays into Mallory’s entree’ into the daytime drama scene. Mix teen angst, teen love, soap production, and the bizarro world of LA, and you have All That Glitters. At times I was thinking “these characters need a dose of reality.” Then I would understand that their life is just as real as a Longview, Washington teenager, just very different. Once I made my peace with the LA scene, I thoroughly enjoyed this harmless romp through scripts, production scenes, editing and directing intrigue to the dramatic first episode.

Oh, I posted a photo of David Levithan. David Van Etten is supposed to be the mind and body of three authors, one of which was DL. So there.

ENDERS’ Rating: If you want to escape, this is your book.

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Hey! I was excited to see Susan at the ALA Conference in June. The amazing thing is that she looked right at me and said, “Well, hi Joan.” About, oh, 18 years ago she was a visiting author at my school. I always remember students slowly raising their hands in each session asking the same question, “Uh, where do you get these, uh, ideas for your books?” She was writing about some pretty dysfunctional families at the time, and I remember her smirking, “Oh, they are nothing like my family. I do lots and lots of imagining.”

Well Susan’s imagining has really kicked into overdrive for Life as We Knew It. Everyone on earth is waiting to see the meteor that is going to strike the moon. It hits the mark. What people do not expect is for the impact to change the positioning of the moon’s orbit, knocking it precariously close to the earth.

Miranda and her family face the effects of the change in total isolation. As her mother and brothers suffer, she makes a desperate attempt to do the right thing, with surprising consequences.

The next book in this series, The Dead and The Gone is available in the RAL Library also.

ENDERS Rating: riveting!

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Welcome to Beka Cooper’s fantastical life as a Puppy in a Dog’s world of CSI-fashioned fantasy fiction. Beka is a fledgling cop learning the streets with two of the best trainers of the realm. Assisted by spirits of murdered souls that fly with pidgeons, a purple-eyed, telepathic cat, and dust devils that do tell tales, Beka helps solve crimes that plague the city. Miners have been killed. Children are kidnapped. The city’s power brokers are tormented. Can the crime wave been stopped with the help of Beka’s magic? Lucky for us, she solves more crimes in the next volume of the Beka Cooper series. What a clever departure for Pierce.

Enders Rating: Big, inventive, enticing

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Dairy Queen has been a favorite in our library long before it was nominated for the Evergreen 2009 Award. DJ, a fabulous athlete from an athletic star family, has inherited the dubious task of running the family dairy farm. Mom is too busy with her principal duties, Dad is injured, and DJ’s brothers are off to college enjoying their gridiron glories. DJ has a large assignment from her sophomore year that will jeopardize her junior standing and her chances to be on her volleyball team. She works constantly trying to maintain the farm, care for the cows, and milk them regularly. Her dad invites the neighboring high school’s star quarterback to come help her work the farm in exchange for DJ’s coaching. Oh, I did not mention that she was an excellent football player from playing with her brothers. Tensions, humor, flirting, and manure 🙂 fill the air as these two work and spar and practice together. DJ makes a surprise decision for herself that shocks everyone. Great YA story, with a sequel, The Off Season. Yep! That is in the RAL Library also. And, a third DJ book is in the works.

ENDERS RATING: Easy to read and easy to enjoy!

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