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“Two households, both alike in dignity, in fair Verona, where we lay our scene.” I remembered that line often as I read this amazing book that better receive some awards. In this story of “star-crossed lovers” those two households are crumbling under the stress of lies, harassment, brutality and rape. Mikey sister, Karyn, was raped at a private party by Tom Parker at his unsupervised home. The only witness was Tom’s younger, bookish sister, Ellie. But what did Ellie witness? She told police and her family that she was asleep and saw nothing.

Mikey and his mate, Jacko, infiltrate the Parker manor to beat Tom to a pulp only to discover a huge party to welcome Tom home from jail. Mikey ends up trying to pump Ellie for information and their mutual attraction snowballs immediately. Deftly executed prose entangles Mikey and Ellie’s love story with Karyn’s slow progression to a new normalcy, with the exposure of emotional abuse of Ellie by her father whose son is following his harassing footsteps. Younger teen readers will not appreciate the depth of plot and character development of the story, but will be tantalized about the intimate scenes. Older teens will appreciate the raw emotions of the love story and easily see the pressures on all the characters in this story of family deception and manipulation, and a story of a relationship that is bruised and bandaged but surviving.

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Real friendship never dies.

A real friend never forgets that you love blackberries but not strawberries.

Real friends are there for each other.

Joshua Wynn has a lot on his plate, and it began to overflow when Maddie showed up for church five years after she disappeared. He wrote letters, received few, then none at all. And suddenly she returns not at all resembling the freckled thirteen year old who loped the fields with him. She was a woman gawked at by all the tenor section in the choir. As a good Christian, president of the church youth group and the son of the minister, Josh sees himself rescuing his Maddie from the woman she has become, and returning her to the fold and to him. His mother insists that he does not. His father is hesitant. Joshua does not know if he can rescue Maddie before she totally entrances him. Who is saved in the end? I loved these two young people, empathized with the burdens they carried, and reveled in their affection. Oh, great characters live in the local retirement home…you will love them!

ENDERS’ Rating: *****

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Libby and her family move to Rubberville on Lake Michigan where her father is trying for another new life. Little does Libby know that her new friendship with Angie will introduce her to the sexual abuse that Angie tolerated and grows to enjoy. Will Libby reveal what she saw through Angie’s bedroom window? To whom will she turn? Does she have the right to tattle when she has does some things with Angie that she regrets? I look forward to book two.

ENDERS Rating: Illuminating1
ENDERS Rating: Illuminating!

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