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Modo and Octavia reunite with Dr Socrates to discover the Face God hidden in an Egyptian temple is Australia. Many have died or become insane on this quest. Pursued by the bionic Miss Hakkandottir, Modo falls into the jungle of Australia during a horrific sky airship battle. Miraculously he lands more or less safely and encounters a jungle tribe who are entranced by him. More than that, they view him as a god. When the team is reunited, they discover that their enemies have arrived at the temple before them. Who will possess the Face God? Who will fall to the traps of the temple? Fans will be thrilled to read this third adventure.
ENDERS’ Rating: ****
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Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld

Posted: October 29, 2011 in Adventure, steampuck

Another Evergreen 2012 contender, Leviatan is a steampuck novel occurring at the inception of The Great War, in Europe at 1914. Add the clanker- (war machine creators) defended prince whose parents were assassinated, and a girl pretending to be a boy to enlist in the Darwinist (mechanized animal) forces. Their separate stories of staying hidden and being disguised intercept. A great adventure! Two sequels are also very popular: Behemoth and Goliath.
ENDERS’ Rating: *****

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I threw on my steampuck jewelry, made some cocoa, and curled up to enjoy the escapades of Modo and Olivia in the second “Hunchback Assignments” novel. Modo discovers immediately that he has more to fret over than his infatuation for Olivia. Barely done licking their wounds from the Clockwork Guide’s destruction of life and property in London, Mr. Socrates whisks them both off to New York to solve a mystery about sinking ships. On the steamship they payola the captain to sail to specific coordinates south of Iceland. An unfortunate decision, considering that immediately the ship is rammed and…well, you really do not want to know the rest do you? I enjoyed the new characters in this novel, the passionate captain Monturol and her loyal second. Of course the evil Miss Hakkandottir shows up again as well as another love interest for Modo. The question is, can Modo keep his face straight long enough for these young ladies? This H.G. Wells-ish romp was exciting from beginning to end. There were so many clever “under the sea” surprises that I already have the cocoa ready for the third novel.

(Arthur looks rather ghoulish on his website. I like seeing an artist’s interpretation of Miss H on the ca cover).

ENDERS’ Rating: *****

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Here is a Sherlock-Holmes-ish steampuck novel that needs another episode right now. Mr. Socrates rescued a hunchback infant from a traveling side show, raises and educates him, names him Modo, and trains him to be a shape-shifting super spy. Then he dumps Modo out onto the streets of London at age fourteen for an assignment. Modo is to discover the reason behind the disappearances of street children, and others, including Prince Albert (but not in a can). Modo teams up with another Socrates protégé, Octavia Milkweed and they descend into the murky underground of London to discover the horror that Dr Hyde has created. The array of evil are vivid characters. The evil Dr Hyde disappears to surface another day. Can Modo morph into his princely figure long enough to enchant Olivia? We shall see. The Dark Deeps, second in the series, was just released, just when we thought Victorian London was safe.

ENDERS’ Rating: *****

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Fever Crumb, an orphan in futuristic England is raised by an engineer in a think tank called, appropriately, the Order of Engineers, tisking emotions. But her adoptive father loans her out to assist an archaeologist, Kit Solent on a top-secret mission. Fever is well suited to assist, as she has memories that she cannot explain about hidden vaults of the city. Well, a new face with one blue and one brown eye sets off hysteria in London that Fever is a dreaded Scriven, probably a front runner to an invasion. In their mob mind set, they successful destroy the home base of the Order of Engineers, kill Solent leaving his children orphans, and torch London.

Unknown to the Londoners Fever’s mysterious Scriven mother has joined forces with the Movement and is their head technomancer, assisting their leader Quercus. The Movement uses the first power-hungry moving city, one thousand years before the Mortal Quartet novels, to intimidate and overtake London. In a horrific “modification” Solent is constructed into a stalker, a bionic fighting machine based on the remains of his body. The most touching scene of the entire book centers around this stalker. Reeve has created another dystopia that has a riveting storyline. More is promised about Fever in at least one sequel.

Say “steampuck” three times!

ENDERS’ Rating: *****

Philip’s Blog (An explanation of the photo is in his biography. He is the one on the right).

I have never had the author speak on my blog before, but Scott gives a great def of steampunk. (And I am still waiting for the 4th book of The Midnighters series!)

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Okay, at review group I tossed aside two elementary librarians heading to the YA tables and dived under JK to snatch this book. (I am much shorter than JK). I was eager to see what fantastic scientific high-jinks Oppel dreamt up next in the third book of the Matt Cruse fantasy/adventure series!

Matt has become a commercial pilot with a job on an air tug, working construction on the Celestial Tower, a French “tower to heaven” built to advance their quest for space dominance. “Babelists” attempt to destroy the tower, thwarted by our young hero, Matt. He wishes to venture to space. His dreams come true when a Canada firm announces that their craft will enter space before the French and invite him to join the testing for a crew.

As you can suspect, Miss Kate de Vries is one of the specialists on the flight along with a new array of unforgettable personalities.

The methodology of space travel is “Oppel-unique” and the story as good a page-turner as his others.

The next question: What will Matt and Kate be up to next? The hunt for Atlantis?

ENDERS Rating: Adventure seekers…this is it!

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