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Here is a controversial book!
Discuss among yourselves…

Controversy #1: Young people watching the suicide of a young woman on the internet
Controversy #2: Parents buying one young man a robotic, yet very life-like, companion with which he is to learn sensitivity
Controversy #3: A companion that wants to be closer to the young man
Controversy #4: A companion discovering the horror of being a robot
Controversy $5: A young man discovering that his companion, indeed, is a robot
Controversy #6: The companion and new boy buddy trying to do something about it
Controversy #7: Is there life after pixellation?

ENDERS’ Rating: ****

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I totally misread this title. I think the photograph chosen for the cover is to blame. It can’t be me, right?

The Snow Ball Effect
comes from advice Lainey receives from a new guy in her life when he compares the first taste of an amazing new snow ball flavor to understanding that an experience may not be the same the next time it comes up, just like the amazing new snow ball flavor will not be as, well, amazing the second time. It works for the situation in the book.

As the novel begins Lainey is told of her mother’s death. She wonders what to do with her handicapped little brother when her older sister appears to be his guardian. Taking care of Collin is quite the challenge. Lainey’s ever-attentive and doormat boyfriend, Riley, worked magic with him. But the Slurpee guy, Eric, ends up having a serendipitous connection to her mother. The sibs’ crazy trip to Disney World and the repercussions were a bonding experience. Holly seamlessly presented a serious story woven with pathos, humor, excitement and nostalgia. Young adults will love this book. I hope she writes another book soon.

ENDERS’ Rating: ****

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Okay, this is not so much a review, but a reminder that the first book I reviewed on this site was 13RW by Jay Asher. After winning the WSL “One Book” grant for my high school community, encouraging the reading and studying it, Jay is coming on Monday. Whoo hoo!!!

Here is the local newspaper article promoting the visit. Thirteen Reasons: Why Jay Asher’s visit will rock R.A. Long written by Cathy Zimmerman. Of course, the fun, fun, fun layout of the article isn’t shown in the online article. For each of the 13 activities she listed, she enumerated each with two-inch tall red letters.

And don’t you love the photograph of our library club officers? Jay arrives Sunday to rabid fans. The English department and I are taking him out for a dinner that evening. As for Monday….check out the article!

If there is an “IT” book for 2008 this is IT.

Jay Asher has combined an unique voice with a subject that has interested him for years to poignantly depict the decline toward suicide.

The story is told jointly by Clay, one of the subjects on the 13 cassette tapes recorded by Hannah, the other narrator. The spooky thing for us as readers, and for Clay, is that Hannah is speaking from the grave through the tapes.

Why did Hannah choose Clay to receive the tapes? Who are the other 12 who also receive them? What effect do the tapes have on Clay?

Jay is visiting my high school in 2009. Whoo hoo!

ENDERS RATING: Had to read in 1 setting!

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