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Here is the final installment of the urban fantasy full of SCARY FAIRIES! War, with her wings dripping with blood, is on her vendetta to destroy balance between the fey worlds. A new frightening character is walking the streets offering eternal rest to those who approach death. Two angels lords yearn to be with the queens they love, but have forced alliance to the opposite fairy queens. Every fey kingdom is preparing for war that seems inevitable. But can conflict be removed just by following one’s fairy heart? Is death a comfort? Or are the entanglements of the fey world that mortals cannot see going to implode?

ENDERS’ Rating: ****

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After a 3-year absence Dough’s boyfriend, Wish, is returning to the east coast to attend school once again with her. She has seen his photos on Facebook and he has grown from 14 year old cute to 18 year old GORGEOUS! Great senior year coming up right? But Dough has changed also. There is 70 more pounds of her to love, but will Wish still love her? Will he be more than perfection? And what is with his distaste for rain?

ENDERS’ Rating: ***

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Adam’s mother, Jem, could see the exact date of someone’s death by looking into their eyes. Adam has the sight also, but he has to live with the date and their death. He meets an extraordinary girl, Sarah, in an art class as he models for her sketch. In her eyes he sees a distance death filled with love and peace. It is so different from his usual tormented visions that he is at first mesmerized by her, then quickly loves her. Sarah is carrying a baby from repeated sexual abuse and pushes him away. But there are bigger problems on Adam’s mind: a huge amount of people have a death date of New Year’s Day, just a few weeks away. All kinds of mayhem arises from his attempts to save the city, his nan, Sarah and her “old soul”
baby girl. Prepare yourselves for nasty destruction and a peek at a disturbing “big brother” society that forgets the individual in the quest of becoming the
ultimate nanny society, a society that also ignores what it does not want to see. Excellent, better than the first novel, with lots of hope because of love and compassion shown in the main characters. A sequel called Infinity follows.

ENDERS’ Rating: ****

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Chloe, a fifteen-year-old necromancer, balances trying to understand her relationship with Derek, a werewolf, and his brother Simon, a sorcerer, while she tries to enter the nefarious lair of the Edison Group to rescue her aunt Lauren and friend, Rachelle. All this to wrap up in the final novel of the Darkest Powers trilogy! Adult supernaturals taught the teens how to manage their powers and search for a way to bring down Edison Group. One of my students torn the book away from me to devour it, her pulse already accelerating. She said it was her favorite of the three because everything was tied together, and there was even more action in the third book. The story still seems purposefully unfinished. Wait until I tell her a companion series is being released in April.

ENDERS’ Rating: ****

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Didn’t want to like this book. Dystopia novels are going the path of fallen angels and vampire books for my attention span: give me something fresh or pack it up!

Green is the only survivor in her family after the horrendous attack of the Horde. The young man she loves is missing. She lives in a solitary world of gardening, healing and adoring herself with green tendril tattoos. Alice employs the fool myth, as Green visits three “witches” and receives powers through their stories to travel to the center of the Horde to try to heal the land and their destroyed city. I loved this story of survival after cataclysmic destruction, and was glad to see that one of my favorite author, David Levithan, was the editor.

ENDERS’ Rating: ****

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I threw on my steampuck jewelry, made some cocoa, and curled up to enjoy the escapades of Modo and Olivia in the second “Hunchback Assignments” novel. Modo discovers immediately that he has more to fret over than his infatuation for Olivia. Barely done licking their wounds from the Clockwork Guide’s destruction of life and property in London, Mr. Socrates whisks them both off to New York to solve a mystery about sinking ships. On the steamship they payola the captain to sail to specific coordinates south of Iceland. An unfortunate decision, considering that immediately the ship is rammed and…well, you really do not want to know the rest do you? I enjoyed the new characters in this novel, the passionate captain Monturol and her loyal second. Of course the evil Miss Hakkandottir shows up again as well as another love interest for Modo. The question is, can Modo keep his face straight long enough for these young ladies? This H.G. Wells-ish romp was exciting from beginning to end. There were so many clever “under the sea” surprises that I already have the cocoa ready for the third novel.

(Arthur looks rather ghoulish on his website. I like seeing an artist’s interpretation of Miss H on the ca cover).

ENDERS’ Rating: *****

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