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April returns home to find her apartment ransacked.

Her spirit could not get much lower as the probable love of her life died just a week before.  Interestingly her mail was not disturbed by the vandals, but it was just as disturbing as Peter’s death.  In the pile was a manila envelop from him, postmarked the day before his death.  Inside was the mysterious ring of Remaliha, with a note urging her to trust no one, not even authorities.  With the state of her apartment: note that.

Both Egyptologists, she and Peter shared love and respect for antiquities which had grown into love for each other.  As teaching summer school drew to a close at Columbia, April was approached by a suave Nathan Hayes to accompany him on an assignment to Luxor to pursue the ring with anachronistic hieroglyphs on the band…her ring!  Despite her better judgment and harassing phone calls, she decided to go on the adventure, all funded by Hayes’ client.  In a series of desperate situations, April doggedly pursues the mystery of the ring.  As the chase comes to a conclusion, roles twist and turn, and the ring rollicks through the desert with all the characters in tow.  If you are looking for a tense mystery read, this is it!  It is a page-turner, easy to imagine on the big screen.



Seattle’s newest paranormal leader, Sam is still recovering from his imprisonment in Douglas’s basement.  He has inherited the necromancer’s home, along with James, the shapeshifting assistant that still communicates with the ghost of Douglas.  Oh yes, Douglas even has nefarious schemes as a dead man.  As Brid father, the were leader, walks into the woods behind his den to investigate something amiss, he is murdered.  Brid, Sam’s new love, becomes the head of the pack and part of the council that Sam is to lead.  As they investigate the strange murder, no clues are found leading to anyone living.  With the help beyond the grave, the murderer is outed.  Despite the looney-tune antics of the shrubbery, statuary and garden gnomes, and the clever reparte, McBride successfully shows the difficulties of young people growing up to fulfill adult roles regarding family, love, honor and loyalty.  This was a delightful sequel to Hold Me Closer, Necromancer.  And yes,  the old gang are still part of the story.  I can see a three-peat in our future!

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In this sequel to The Body Finder, Violet still is haunted by the echoes of the murdered. When she solves the disappearance of a young boy stuffed in a cargo car, an agent watching her moves in. Violet is also stalked by a younger teen who is obsessed over Violet’s lifelong friend and boyfriend, Jay. But the girl’s home holds an echo of its own, and Violet’s live is in danger from one of its inhabitants. I was spellbound until I lapped up the last page. There is definitely room for another Violet and Jay adventure with the dead.

ENDERS’ Rating: ****

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Love is a disease.
It must be eradicated by the time you are eighteen.
Forbidden books are listed on
A life mate who is compatible with you will be chosen for you.
Never interact with the opposite sex.
Enjoy a life without pain.

It is a future spawned by “nanny mentality.” Take care of people so well that they are never hurt or damaged. But we know the other side of that blade…

Will Lena receive the cure? Will she even pass the evaluation? Will she forget the young man who has maneuvered into her life?

ENDERS’ Rating: *****

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I listened to Beautiful Creatures on audio, narrated by Kevin T. Collins. He narrated in a regular voice, but talked in a Southern drawl in the dialog. I loved the sound effects and everything about his pacing.

BC is an Evergreen nominee book for 2012. It is a fascinating melding of voodoo, witchcraft, vampires and casters; definitely casters. Ethan discovers a hidden secret in his boring little town, one involving a new beautiful stranger, Lena Duchannes, her odd uncle, the librarian and the Civil War. His housekeeper keeps Ethan stocked with good luck pieces, as well as an amazing quantity of food to eat. Little by little Ethan discovers that not only is this new stranger unusual, she could be dangerous. Not to mention the curse, and the grave…

The saga continues in Beautiful Darkness, with so many twists and turns you need a road map!

ENDERS’ Rating: *****

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Two best friends choose to leave their suffocating lives in rural America and head to the Big Apple to seek their fortunes and happiness. Faced with their first crisis, the two friends part, one to an amazing dream, the other to the streets. Their parallel lives intersect and drift apart once again. Can 1929 New York bring them the happiness both want, or does the cruelty, violence and despair rule everything?

Anna Godbersen just finished the draft of the 2nd book in the series.

ENDERS’ Rating: *****

Here is the final installment of the urban fantasy full of SCARY FAIRIES! War, with her wings dripping with blood, is on her vendetta to destroy balance between the fey worlds. A new frightening character is walking the streets offering eternal rest to those who approach death. Two angels lords yearn to be with the queens they love, but have forced alliance to the opposite fairy queens. Every fey kingdom is preparing for war that seems inevitable. But can conflict be removed just by following one’s fairy heart? Is death a comfort? Or are the entanglements of the fey world that mortals cannot see going to implode?

ENDERS’ Rating: ****

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Beth says that she writes “speculative literature” and indeedy she does! Move over Brave New World.

Amy’s scientific mom and military dad have chosen to be cryogenically frozen to be transported via space globe across the universe to settle a new world. In a nauseating first chapter Amy and the reader witness the freezing of her parents. After that Amy stills chooses to be preserved for 300 years. Meanwhile, on the space vessel, Godspeed, a tense change in leadership from Eldest to Elder, who is Amy’s age, is developing into a chaotic finale.

An inter-galactic “who done it” begins when someone opens Amy’s cube and begins the thawing process, that can kill without proper medical assistance. She is saved by Doc and immediately adored by Elder. Acclimating to the vessel is impossible as Eldest marks her as a freak to all the inhabitants. She witnesses disgusting mating habits. She discovers what really happens to the grays as they age. She finds out why the people blindly obey. She finds out important information about those in the mental hospital. Most importantly, she discovers that as she coninues to age, her parents will not.

Will the murderer be found before her parents cubical are switched off? What is Eldest hiding from everyone?

Riveting, horrific and thoughtful all at the same time.

ENDERS’ Rating: *****

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Adam’s mother, Jem, could see the exact date of someone’s death by looking into their eyes. Adam has the sight also, but he has to live with the date and their death. He meets an extraordinary girl, Sarah, in an art class as he models for her sketch. In her eyes he sees a distance death filled with love and peace. It is so different from his usual tormented visions that he is at first mesmerized by her, then quickly loves her. Sarah is carrying a baby from repeated sexual abuse and pushes him away. But there are bigger problems on Adam’s mind: a huge amount of people have a death date of New Year’s Day, just a few weeks away. All kinds of mayhem arises from his attempts to save the city, his nan, Sarah and her “old soul”
baby girl. Prepare yourselves for nasty destruction and a peek at a disturbing “big brother” society that forgets the individual in the quest of becoming the
ultimate nanny society, a society that also ignores what it does not want to see. Excellent, better than the first novel, with lots of hope because of love and compassion shown in the main characters. A sequel called Infinity follows.

ENDERS’ Rating: ****

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The saga continues, and concludes, the love story of Lucas and Bianca that began in Evernight. The story begins in the bloody aftermath of the vampire attack in which Balthazar’s evil sister turns Lucas into a vampire. Lucas is crazed with his ingrained hate of vampires and the loss of Bianca and his blood lust. Balthazar and Bianca convince Lucas that the only place he will be safe during his volatile stage is Evernight Academy. Unfortunately, it is also the most dangerous location for Bianca. If you like a story with layered conflicts, this is the one for you. In fact, a spreadsheet of the conflicts may be useful. Just kidding. And what is going on with Mrs. Bethany, the spooky head mistress? Why is she befriending Lucas who she barely tolerated before? And Bianca’s parents, who hate wraiths, how will they respond to their daughter now? Fans will not be disappointed.

ENDERS’ Rating: ****

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