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Eerie magnetism, with a heaping of evil, a present day siren:   that is Ruby, the older sister of Chloe.   I have met people who can command the allegiance, faith and adoration of others to a nonsensical level, but Ruby takes the cake.  Even balloons with written commands on them obey her will.  Ruby demands that Chloe show her drinking party Chloe’s swimming ability in the reservoir that destroyed the town called Olive, which Ruby insists still has inhabitants walk-swimming with their webbed hands, waiting to snatch the living.  Chloe does it, swims out to the center of it but returns with a boat holding a dead girl.  The incident and drinking party are discovered and Chloe’s dad demands that she live with him.  Two years later she reappears, because Ruby insists, to live with her again.  Who does Chloe see, but the girl in the boat walking toward her.  The dead girl is alive?  That return was terrifying for Chloe and did not bother one other person.  The mental and emotional manipulation of boyfriends, Chloe, townspeople accelerates.  Can Ruby truly make anything happen? Who really is the most dysfunctional of these two sisters?  Here I digress:  this is another YA novel that has a weird anti-Christ statement dropped into the story on page 138 with Ruby stating that Christ is as real as a unicorn. ( If Ruby says it, is it true?)   It is a unrelated and disparaging statement in an amazing novel.  I will always remember these sisters.

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The Last Echo by Kim Derting

Posted: June 2, 2012 in Suspense

Washington state author, Kim Derting, has added a third, nail-biting adventure of our body-finding sleuth, Violet Ambrose.  As the novel begins Violet charges away from the protection of her paranormal-investigation team, drawn to the dead body they are tracking in their newest case.  Chided about safety by her boss, Sara and by her parents, Violet has to admit that the lure of the dead is so strong she often blanks out caution.  Another bizarre case becomes their next challenge.  A man is kidnapping young women, shackling them, painting their fingernail lilac, and lovingly preparing their bodies for death.  He is so concerned that they will be alone, he anonymously calls the police to share the body locations.  Meanwhile, Violet becomes more and more exposed to violence.  In a dramatic turn, the man with the nasty spin on love, begins to follow Violet.  I was on the edge of my seat.  The denouement wasn’t shabby either.
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