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I had this book sitting on my desk for about a month. Then I hear that it was nominated for a teen “National Book Award” and to the top of the pile it exploded. This book read like a novel, specifically a Dan Brown thriller, with short chapters that hop around the world with stunning tension-filled stories, that are true. I loved the espionage missions of the Norwegian resistance fighters. Perhaps one of the few concerns was that there was no follow-up to the rest of their lives as there was for the American spy, Hall, and the brilliant physicist, Oppenheimer. The epilogue was the only section of the book sprinkled with the author’s viewpoints, but I think this cautionary tale deserves his take on nuclear weapons.

What a nail-biter!

And if you are brave enough to look at the bibliographies, you will be amazed at the attributions! I like how
Sheinkin attributes the direct quotes, not MLA formatted, but in a very reader-friendly.

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High schooler, techno-head Marcus and his band of ARG friends ditch school to follow clues in their new Harajuku Fun Madness game, when the San Francisco ground rocks as the Bay Bridge is bombed by terrorists. In trying to escape the now dangerous subway system, friend Daryl is stabbed. As Marcus, Julu and Van try to hail official looking vehicles to help they are arrested for their suspicious behavior. After a humiliating interrogation that lasts days, Marcus is released. His experience with Homeland Security’s “Severe Haircut Woman” Marcus faces fighting the injustice without friends who are too frightened, and with fractured support from his parents. With clever technical skills, a new posse and a new girl friend he spares with the HS giant for human rights in the military occupied San Francisco.

This techno-suspense is a 2011 Evergreen Award nominee

ENDERS’ Rating: *****

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