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Vampire hunter, Evie, has an amazing gift.  She can see through the “glamours” of paranormals, and determine their nasty identities.  And then she locks them up at the IPCA, the agency that secures paranormals to make the world a safer place.  Actually, Evie is more than a vampire hunter, and the agency knows it.  No one has a gift like her.  This urban fantasy is a romp, but with an edge.  Evie is stalked by a creepy fairie, and death awaits her best friend and the agency. Loved it!  Be sure to catch the sequels, Supernaturally and the third, Endlessly.  Fresh and fun take on the paranormal world.  This is an 2013 Evergreen Award nominee.

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Here is the final installment of the urban fantasy full of SCARY FAIRIES! War, with her wings dripping with blood, is on her vendetta to destroy balance between the fey worlds. A new frightening character is walking the streets offering eternal rest to those who approach death. Two angels lords yearn to be with the queens they love, but have forced alliance to the opposite fairy queens. Every fey kingdom is preparing for war that seems inevitable. But can conflict be removed just by following one’s fairy heart? Is death a comfort? Or are the entanglements of the fey world that mortals cannot see going to implode?

ENDERS’ Rating: ****

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Chloe, a fifteen-year-old necromancer, balances trying to understand her relationship with Derek, a werewolf, and his brother Simon, a sorcerer, while she tries to enter the nefarious lair of the Edison Group to rescue her aunt Lauren and friend, Rachelle. All this to wrap up in the final novel of the Darkest Powers trilogy! Adult supernaturals taught the teens how to manage their powers and search for a way to bring down Edison Group. One of my students torn the book away from me to devour it, her pulse already accelerating. She said it was her favorite of the three because everything was tied together, and there was even more action in the third book. The story still seems purposefully unfinished. Wait until I tell her a companion series is being released in April.

ENDERS’ Rating: ****

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How would you feel about knowing how long you had to live?

Jem has a talent. She sees numbers when she looks at people. The numbers are the exact date of their deaths. She retreats into a loner existence. Then she meets Spider who is so attracted to her and breaks through her isolation. But Spider is trouble…in school, on the streets. Despite their shared problems, they go to London together and Jem’s terror grows as she sees TODAY as the death date of lots of the people surrounding her. They run, and the authorities now want to question the two teens running away from the Eye. It is just a matter of time for these two kids. I could not put it down. The ending will blow readers away.

American readers will get a glimpse of British life of fringe citizens, who face prejudice and poverty.

ENDERS’ Rating: *****