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Product Details I am a fan of Claudia Gray, and snatch up her books whenever they arrive at my review group!

With Bianca becoming a wraith and Lucas a vampire, Claudia Gray turns her attention to Balthazar’s story.  After the destruction of Evernight Academy during the horrific vampire war, a mortal student, Skye, returns home, and to her former high school.  Since she rescued Bianca at Evernight, Skye possesses the psychic  power of seeing the moment of death of persons at any location she enters.  Even as a child, she could already see and communicate with ghosts, the reason she was allows to enroll at Evernight.   Baltazar comes to help her with her new power, unknowingly subjecting Skye to the demonic obsessions of the one who killed him, the vampire, Redgrave.  In flashbacks, their lives and the life of Balthazar’s unstable sister-vampire, Charity, intertwine throughout four centuries of history.  Balthazar poses as a substitute teacher and enriched the class with his own Colonial American experiences.  There was a nice little rant about using primary sources rather than textbooks, which made me chuckle.  After a bloody accident in the snow, vampires, good and evil, discover drops of magical blood and seek the source:  Skye.  The cat and mouse game begins to possess Skye. This novel has “series’ written all over it, but there are not any clues  about more books on Balthy and Skye on Claudia’s website.  I would love to follow this story line more.  Having read all her books, I have to admit that they are entertaining reads, with unique vampires.

(Click on Claudia’s photograph to link to her website.  She does review  movies on her blog like Snow White and the Huntsman.  Can you believe she had never read or seen the Twilight Saga)?Image of Claudia Gray

Fat Vampire by Adam Rex

Posted: September 2, 2011 in Humorous stories, vampires

What could be worse than being turned into a vampire while at age 15, somewhat plump. Technically always too young for a driver’s license and always too rotund to attract girls, fresh-blooded ones. Doug Lee just wants to be a normal comic book junkie, hangin’ with his bud, not-too-bright, but loyal, Jay. Doug’s search for blood makes him deliver horrid pick-up lines, attempt an attack on a sleeping panda, and rob a blood bank at a comic convention. As Doug gains vampire power, a change comes over him. The exchange student he adores knows what he is. The attractions become dangerous. A desperate vampire hunter is after him. Rex is delft at morphing a hilarious tale into a mesmerizing suspense.

ENDERS’ Rating: ****

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The saga continues, and concludes, the love story of Lucas and Bianca that began in Evernight. The story begins in the bloody aftermath of the vampire attack in which Balthazar’s evil sister turns Lucas into a vampire. Lucas is crazed with his ingrained hate of vampires and the loss of Bianca and his blood lust. Balthazar and Bianca convince Lucas that the only place he will be safe during his volatile stage is Evernight Academy. Unfortunately, it is also the most dangerous location for Bianca. If you like a story with layered conflicts, this is the one for you. In fact, a spreadsheet of the conflicts may be useful. Just kidding. And what is going on with Mrs. Bethany, the spooky head mistress? Why is she befriending Lucas who she barely tolerated before? And Bianca’s parents, who hate wraiths, how will they respond to their daughter now? Fans will not be disappointed.

ENDERS’ Rating: ****

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When fans discovered that I was reviewing Hourglass, I had a waiting list for the preview copy faster that “FIGHT!” gathers a crowd. No fan will be disappointed with the continuing saga of Bianca and Lucas, our star-crossed, part- vampire lovers. Bianca is incognito in the Black Cross cell run by Lucas’ mother and husband, Eduardo, a volatile vampire hunter who would execute Bianca in a nano-second if he realized what she was. The cell is hiding in a safe place under New York to insure that vampires do not strike in revenge of the torching of Evernight Academy. All seems well until an email that unravels everything for the cell and for Bianca and Lucas. They face a future of hiding, combating wraiths and psycho vampires, and unknown perils that neither suspected.

You will have to hang out on that cliff until March 2011 for Afterlife. (sorry!)

ENDERS’ Rating: Waiting for the 4th!

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Luckily I tuned in the AM Northwest out of Portland, Oregon to see Darren G. Davis of Bluewater Comics talk about his “Female Force” comic series of notable women in politics, writing and whatever comes next….entertainment? science? sports? The possibilities are endless!

How could I pass up a bio on Stephenie Meyer, our fave author of the Twilight Saga? This graphic novel is narrated by a grateful vampire who tells her story from a macabre chamber that has an old tome of her life, and chubby spiders for reading snacks. I loved the vampire’s book morphing into the comic frames of her life, and the vampire narrator chortling, “Years of going hungry and now they love us!”. The history of Forks, after the bio, was drawn in sepia hues and told in a “historic comic” style. Great cover art. Stephenie has to be pleased. The only page I didn’t like was the wolf/Forks page dividing the bio from the history. But that was a small blip in a fun Female Force comic.

ENDERS’ Rating: Already sold out…what more can I say?

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I was worried about contracting vampire overload, but JGTDOTDS was engaging with genuine characters.

Jessica is an adopted high school senior living in Pennsylvania with her colorful, organic, vegan parents. Her first day of senior year starts ominously with an unsettling, commanding figure stalking her at the bus stop, calling her by her birth name “Antanasia.” (With that name, I knew that she was in for a troubling senior year!) The stranger appears on the bus, then in English class where his charms and intellect affect even the teacher. Jessica muses that his teeth gleamed “like well-tended weaponry.” Young lady, if you only knew! It does not take long for Lucius Vladescu to reveal his intentions of finalizing the wishes of his and Jessica’s families’ plans to seal their union as a truce between the warring vampire kingdoms of Romania.

I loved Beth’s character development which made the story alive with intense Lucius, scheming Faith, steady Jake, wild Melinda, and thoroughly confused, mathlete Jessica. Poor girl! How many have to plow through a book called “Growing Up Undead: A Teen Vampire’s Guide to Dating, Health, and Emotions?” Jessica reels through her now crazy life with wry commentaries about her parents, nemeses, and the obvious vampire in the room.

If you think there cannot be another good teen vampire book, think again. Obviously there is another twist of the tale about the boys from Romania.

I loved the dress and pendant of the cover. But I don’t recall them dancing while Antanasia wore it…. Nonetheless, the climax was no less than WOW!

I cannot wait to read and review Beth’s second book, Jekel Loves Hyde.

ENDERS Rating: Sure to be a success!

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breaking dawn is a formidable 754 pages long, with lots of possibilities for future writings. The weaving of the wedding and aftermath were plausible. The expanse of the vampire world was intriguingly illustrated. There is even more information about the wolves. I believe Twilight Saga fans will lap up this book.


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MTV Interview