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Tess, in servitude to a rich, unfeeling matron, plans to escape once the Titanic lands in New York City. The night before boarding, she is bullied by a frightening man on the streets of Southhampton, being saved by an equally unsettling, but handsome, young man. As bad luck would have it, both were in first class on the gigantic ship’s maiden voyage. Without much fanfare, Tess finds herself in the middle of a werewolf supremacy battle, and in love with one of them, mysterious, handsome, rich Alec. Paralleling the amazing Titanic movie, these star-crossed lovers transverse 1st to 3rd class navigating the tense war between werewolves. Tess is saved from death, even her beautiful BLONDE locks, which the cover does not depict. (Old cover, new cover seen here is correct. But does she looks like a servant?) Though Alec and his nemesis lie with the dead for identification, can she be sure of their state? I can see another series brewing. Gothic/ supernatural/love fans will enjoy the book.

ENDERS’ Rating: ****
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Spoiler for those who have not read Shiver or Linger

Just as Sam is “cured” of warping into a wolf’s body, Grace becomes infected and changes at a dizzying rate, never knowing where she will show up as a scratched, naked teenage girl. Cole has thrown aside his passion for drugs and rock and rock and embraces research on himself for “the cure” to be perfected. But all is not well. A renegade wolf has just killed a new changelings and community leaders are outraged. Isabel’s father amasses state support for exterminating the wolf population. Coupling the werewolf phenomena with the controversy of wolf control in the United States is a great addition to this final, dramatic installment.

ENDERS’ Rating: *****

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Chloe, a fifteen-year-old necromancer, balances trying to understand her relationship with Derek, a werewolf, and his brother Simon, a sorcerer, while she tries to enter the nefarious lair of the Edison Group to rescue her aunt Lauren and friend, Rachelle. All this to wrap up in the final novel of the Darkest Powers trilogy! Adult supernaturals taught the teens how to manage their powers and search for a way to bring down Edison Group. One of my students torn the book away from me to devour it, her pulse already accelerating. She said it was her favorite of the three because everything was tied together, and there was even more action in the third book. The story still seems purposefully unfinished. Wait until I tell her a companion series is being released in April.

ENDERS’ Rating: ****

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Here is book two for you Shiver fans! Sam and Grace’s delicate balance of love, wolves and their past continues in this fast-paced sequel. Chapter narrations are now shared with Cole, a new wolf, and Isabel whose brother’s morph into a wolf forever affected her.

Sam and Grace’s relationship continues to enchant me. He has a vulnerability and goodness that is so appealing. Grace is becoming keener and edgier as she fights for her relationship with Sam against her parents who never before paid attention to her, much less parented her. I am eagerly waiting for the third book, Forever, that will conclude this star-crossed lovers’ story. Linger is available in July 2010.

Keep writing Maggie!

ENDERS’ Rating: ****

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Grace is mesmerized by the wolves living behind her home that she shares with her juvenile parents. Her friend Olivia has photographed all of them with their unique eyes, and Grace is drawn to the one with golden eyes who appears to be watching over her.
Bella and Edward has better watch their backs with this love story, with two promised sequels, Linger and Forever. There is plenty of romance, plenty of danger and plenty of intrigue. Shiver stands the chance of having a larger young men readership.

ENDERS’ Rating: Ran home each day to finish it.

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