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Katie Grable, type A team manager/first aid helper/straight arrow, discovers that the coach has a stash of unlabeled containers of “vitamins” that he is injecting into some of his players. Well, they are bottom of the league heap, and coach thinks he has to try something. Katie is ready to gallop in on her white horse to expose the STEROID scandal, but then one of the players bites her lip off at a party and chews it up. Ewwwww! Mike was always an animal, but this is a new low. What was in those syringes? How will Katie solve this impending disaster?

I have one tiny question. What do football coaches and their star gridiron beasts think of this hilarious book?

Entertaining story, great cover, and welcomed new author! This is going to be a hit at my HS.

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ENDERS’ Rating: *****

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Annah survives alone against the Dark City that is lawless and becoming overrun with the Unconsecrated that are returning in swarms. She has been waiting for Elias to return from his two-year stint with the Recruiters. She is finally going to strike out on her own, a dangerous decision. Elias does come back but with a surprise for Annah, her beautiful twin sister that she and Elias deserted in the Forest of Hands and Teeth when she, Abigail, refused to go any further. Catcher, a new person who can walk among the Unconsecrated, enters their lives, and everything changes. Will they survive the onslaught of the hoards? Will they survive the ruthless Recruiters? I felt the stress of their situation and the ever-present daily horror and drudge of doing away with the Mulos. I loved this third “Forest of Hands and Teeth” novel with its different voice. It already has a waiting list at my school.

ENDERS’ Rating: *****

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In this companion novel to The Forest of Hands and Teeth, we join Mary and her daughter Gabriella (Gabry) about sixteen years after Mary is found by the lighthouse employee almost drowned on the shore of Vista. Mary is now the lighthouse keeper and Mudo destroyer for the beach, rather ironic that her dream location has become the juxtaposition of her dreams and nightmares. Gabry likes the security of her home, the constancy of her mother, the borders protecting Vista. Then she and her mother argue, and Mary leaves to go to her village in the Forest.

But there is this boy. Gabry likes him. He wants to jump the Barrier into the deserted amusement park. With his friends. With Gabry. Common sense never rules in this situation. With some of their friends dead, others captured by authorities, Gabry and Catcher (the boy) take off through the Forest to find her mother.

If you thought the first book was creepy-good, you want to read this book!

Carrie’s website has some cool extras that you can download and print.

ENDERS” Rating: ****

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